Gift Ideas for Book Lovers

Gifts for Book Lovers holiday 2018 - photo by editor HeidiG


Gift Ideas for Book Lovers

It’s that time of the year again. The holidays are coming up, and those of us who have family members who are obsessed with books are once again seeking out items to grab. Here’s a list to help you get started with your shopping! The book lovers in your life will thank you!

Gifts for Book Lovers holiday 2018 - author bookplate
Favorite author bookplates? That’s cool!

A Billy bookcase is a great place to start. It’s the go-to bookshelf for many book lovers, as they’re nice, sturdy, and mercifully cheap.

Another great idea is to figure out who their favorite author is, and see if you can purchase (or request) signed bookplates. For example, Brandon Sanderson sells a pack of five bookplates in his store.

A bookish themed tote is another brilliant idea. One can never have too many bags in which to carry books.

Speaking of book transport, a book sleeve is another essential item for book lovers. It allows us to safely bring our books with us everywhere we go!

Gifts for Book Lovers holiday 2018 - magnetic bookmark
This magnetic bookmark (and many others) by Etsy seller EpikPage

Bookmarks are another great gift idea. They’re cheap, cute, and make fantastic stocking stuffers! You can find thousands of unique bookmarks on Etsy, which is my favorite go-to spot for bookmarks.

You can also grab some magnetic bookmarks, while you’re at it. These can be incredibly cute, and usually don’t cost more than a few dollars each. And they have the added bonus of zero risk of them falling out of your book!

Or if the book lover in your life has a tendency to lose bookmarks (guilty) you can find a nice set of bulk bookmarks on Amazon.

Gifts for Book Lovers holiday 2018 - book dragon mug
Not just devouring– HOARDING!

A custom book embosser would make the bookish person in your life the envy of all their friends.

A booklight would be a practical gift for the reader in your life who doesn’t understand bedtimes.

No bookish collection would be complete without a book-themed mug or two.

And while we’re at it, some bookishly-inclined tea would go great with that mug.

Some book-themed socks are always nice for a cuddly time spent reading.

Gifts for Book Lovers holiday 2018 - Bookstagram candle on Etsy
This and many other bookish candle scents by Etsy seller BookishBurns

A bookish candle will never lead you wrong – especially if the book lover in your life has an Instagram (bookstagram) account.

Or what about this personal library kit? It’s cute, thematic, and a little bit hilarious all in one.

You can always get a lovely bookish bouquet – however, this one will only work if the recipient doesn’t think upcycling old books is a crime.  


Gifts for Book Lovers holiday 2018 - book earrings
Neat! Book earrings by Etsy seller Kits

Book earrings are another great gift idea. They’re small enough to fit in a stocking, but fancy enough to be given on their own as well.

Literary drinkware is another easy gift to go with.

A set of bookends are always handy.

And of course, there’s the classic locket gift, with the fun twist of it being made as their favorite book!

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