Gift Ideas for Comic Book Lovers


Gift Ideas for Comic Book Lovers

With the holidays coming up faster than we’d like to admit, it’s time to start shopping! I think everyone knows at least one comic book lover in their life, and here’s a useful list of gift ideas to get you started! Plus there’s the ever-obvious (yet wonderful) choice of getting a gift card for their favorite comic book store, if available.

gifts for comic book lovers - comic book boards and bags for storage
For clean, wrinkle-free storage of your favorite comic books.

There are some basic supplies comic book lovers always need and appreciate, such as comic book boxes. There are so many choices for these, from popular heroes to slightly lesser known series.

A bundled package of comic book bags and boards is always appreciated as well.

A throw blanket of their favorite superhero is sure to get you points.

Or a blank book to write down comic book ideas, lists, or reviews.

gifts for comic book lovers - Saga comic book coasters set by KellsComicCoasters on Etsy
Saga comic book coasters by Etsy seller KellsComicCoasters

Funko Pop or Rock Candy figures are another brilliant gift—as long as you have a decent idea of what they do and do not have. When in doubt, go for the newly-released items and get a gift receipt.

A set of coasters from their favorite series is another way to go, especially if they love to sneak their fandom into their everyday life.

A way to display the most treasured of comic books would be another nice gift.

gifts for comic book lovers - 12 days of Marvel Superhero Socks advent calendar at Target
12 days of Marvel Superhero Socks sorta-advent calendar at Target

A candle may sound like an odd gift for comic book fans, but what if you could find one designed after one of their favorite comic book characters?

Or you could grab some cute and cuddly socks.

A mug is a nice gift as well, especially if you can find one that’s sassy or quippy.

Another great gift idea would be this Lego Hulkbuster set.

This wall clock is amazing—but not for the faint of heart. If the comic book lover in your life couldn’t stand the thought of cutting up old comic books, this may not be the route to take.

gifts for comic book lovers - Wonder Woman custom painted wine glass by AGlassofDesign on Etsy
Wonder Woman custom painted wine glass by Etsy seller AGlassofDesign

However, there were no comic books harmed in the making of this Wonder Woman wine glass set. With enough determination you could surely find a set of any character, or request a custom set if not.

Or you could go ahead and just get this Batman ugly sweater. It’d be a hit at parties! …Probably. 

Sometimes you just can’t read a graphic novel in one sitting. That’s where a bookmark comes into play! There are tons of appropriately themed ones out there.

If you wanted to get a board game instead—how about this Deadpool Monopoly one?

To find a comic shop near you, visit www.comicshoplocator.com or call 1-888-comicbook

Check out other comic book news, previews and reviews here!

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