Gift Ideas for Harry Potter Fans


Gift Ideas for Harry Potter Fans

It’s almost that time of the year again, and you know what that means! It’s time to go shopping. For those of us who know somebody obsessed with Harry Potter, sometimes it can be overwhelming to go shopping for them. I mean, how many unique gifts can you find for one fandom? As it turns out, quite a lot! Here’s a helpful gift guide to get you started.


Gift Ideas for Harry Potter Fans - Marauders Map box - Etsy seller Kits
Marauders Map box by Etsy seller Kits

For starters, did you know that people sell really pretty wand stands? Yes, that’s a thing! So if the Potter lover in your life already has a wand, why not get them a nice way to display it?

Or you could just go ahead and get them this Harry Potter advent calendar. It’s always looking like the demand is higher than the supply, so snatch it up soon if you want one.

This Maurader’s Map Box is lovely. You could give it empty or fill it with treats.

Gift Ideas for Harry Potter Fans - Harry Potter House scarves camera straps - Etsy seller MGstraps
Hogwarts House scarves camera straps by Etsy seller MGstraps

Or you could grab this pen that looks like Dumbledore’s wand (aka the Elder Wand).

This camera strap is pretty and a great way to subtly show off your fandom.

These socks are cute, and they totally won’t make you cry unless you think about it too much.

A set of Hogwarts drinkware is another idea. You could either buy a full set, or just get the House that matters the most to the recipient (assuming you know which House they belong to).

Gift Ideas for Harry Potter Fans - Fantastic Beasts 2 Harry Potter Niffler Funko Pop
Fantastic Beasts 2 Harry Potter Niffler Funko Pop

As always, Funko Pop figures are a great avenue for gifts. The only trick would be knowing what they do and do not have already. My advice would be to stick with the newer HP figures coming out. There’s so many of them that the odds are probably in your favor.

If you’re looking for a slightly more humorous gift, there’s a shocking number of vinyl stickers designed to go on your toilet listed on Etsy.

There are tons of collected sets of the books you can buy. One of them just came out this year too, so there’s a chance the HP fan in your life hasn’t snatched it up yet.

Gift Ideas for Harry Potter Fans - Harry Potter House bookmarks - Etsy seller owlnbone
Hogwarts House bookmarks by Etsy seller owlnbone

There are so many Hogwarts House bookmarks out there, especially if you take a peek on Etsy.

A Hogwarts mug is another cute option. This one probably isn’t microwave safe, but there are plenty that are.

A Harry Potter themed bath bomb would make for a nice and relaxing evening.

Gift Ideas for Harry Potter Fans - Harry Potter Butterbeer tea - Etsy seller beccaslittleboutique
Harry Potter Butterbeer tea by Etsy seller beccaslittleboutique

As would a wine glass. There’s plenty to choose from, from Mauraders jokes to Houses and everything in between.

And finally, a nice cup of Butterbeer flavored tea to finish off the evening.



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