Gillian Anderson Cast as Margaret Thatcher in The Crown

Gillian Anderson to play Margaret Thatcher on The Crown

Gillian Anderson Cast as Margaret Thatcher in The Crown

Fans of The X-Files will be thrilled to see Gillian Anderson appearing in The Crown. Meanwhile, fans of The Crown are likely dealing with the disappointment of losing their beloved cast.

The Crown

Margaret Thatcher - Brittanica
Margaret Thatcher
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The Crown will jump to 1963 with the new season. There they will be covering events famous for that time period, such as the Beatles, England winning the soccer World Cup, and other talked-about moments, movements, and events. Gillian Anderson’s role isn’t due to make an appearance until season four, with the third season not yet being out. Deadline theorizes that this means that the series will make another jump, up to 1970 for Margaret Thatcher’s appearance.

Margaret Thatcher was Britain’s first female Prime Minister. She was in place from 1979 to 1990. Her persona has made appearances in multiple forms of popular media, so it was really a matter of time before she made it onto The Crown.

Saying Goodbye

Naturally, a time jump such as this requires a whole new cast, since new characters are going to be coming in, while others are moving out. Previous actors that fans will be having to say goodbye to include Clarie Foy (The Girl in the Spider’s Web, First Man), Matt Smith (Doctor Who), Vanessa Kirby (Mission Impossible: Fallout), and Matthew Goode (Watchmen, Downton Abbey).

The New Cast

Gillian Anderson
Gillian Anderson

Fans have been talking non-stop about Gillian Anderson’s appearance on the cast list, so this may be a surprise to no one at this point. But Gillian Anderson has been brought on to play Margaret Thatcher.

Meanwhile, Olivia Colman (Broadchurch) has been brought on to play Queen Elizabeth II, and Tobias Menzies (Outlander) is to play Prince Philip. Also joining the cast will be Helena Bonham Carter (Fight Club) as Princess Margaret, and Ben Daniels as Antony Armstrong-Jones.

Fan Reactions

Fan reactions have been mixed, from completely enthused to seeing an actress they love in a new role, to concerned about how her role will affect opinions of the very real person she’s portraying.

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