Go Behind The Music With Jem

Loosen your nostalgia goggle, folks. This Jem parody video works so well Jem if you go into it that way. Written and created by some of the awesome folks at Aggressive Comix, this Jem parody video has an admittedly darker feel to it that still manages to crack you up with references to eighties pop culture, cannibalism, and of course – Barney.

Because you can’t do a parody without Barney.

Promising a truly, truly outrageous look at Jem and the Holograms, this parody video lives up to that promise. Where else are you going to see a former fictional popstar like Shana confessing to their love of human flesh (while in prison)? Come on, we get Aja living with an STD after a clandestine romance with Synergy.

It’s a ridiculous, raunchy look that reimagines the main characters of Jem as disturbed, dramatic, and part of a trainwreck you couldn’t even look away from if you wanted to. The actresses playing Jem and the Holograms are fantastic and funny (and cute!) and they definitely make the parody work even in the face of potentially offensive material.

What’s great though is despite everything that they’ve gone through, the end of the video is pretty positive. Sure, you’re (probably) not going to identify with Shana essentially finding herself and being satisfied with her cannibalistic tendencies or Aja’s case of HDHIV, but seriously, it’s got a fantastic and positive ending (the weirdness makes it better)!

Staring Jessie Lee as Jem, Trisha Hershberger as Aja, Stephanie Pressman as Kimber, and Word of the Nerd’s very own Janel Smith-McClain as Shana, this parody is guaranteed to make you laugh and shake your head. Over the top and so unrealistic that you find yourself thinking that it makes sense, this hilarious parody will make you laugh until you croak!

We’ve all seen the horror stories of what happens to bands and musicians over the years (with a recent heavy slant towards social media meltdowns). This parody will fulfill your need for totally dish-worthy drama, dark humor, and more cannibalism jokes than you can shake a femur at.

Oh and please, do note that this Jem and the Holograms parody is not something you want to watch with children around.



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