Godzilla 2’s First Trailer Arrives

Godzilla Ascends the Throne

Millie Bobby Brown (Stranger Things) debuted the first look at footage from Godzilla: King of the Monsters. The 41-second clip finds Brown’s character using a radio communications system to contact Monarch.

“Reach Monarch”

Godzilla is a pop culture mainstay. The lizard king has seen a ton of iterations, and his effect on pop culture is beyond measure. Recently, Godzilla kicked off a shared universe at Warner Brothers. Following his battle with the M.U.T.O.s in 2014, the king of the monsters slid into the ocean. However, audiences learned more about the organization Monarch in 2017’s Kong: Skull Island. Most importantly, it was revealed that the organization knew about large monsters inhabiting our planet as early as the 1960’s. Skull Island‘s post-credit scene promised a bevy of monsters ready for a beatdown. WB entrusted Michael Dougherty (Krampus) with providing a follow-up.

With Comic-Con happening in mere days, actress Millie Bobby Brown took to Instagram and shared our first look at footage from the film. The clip is a scant 41-seconds. But, the implications of the footage are huge. Check it out below!


The clip features Brown’s Madison Russell reaching out to Monarch. The sounds of chaos leap through the speakers. However, there are some important details in the trailer. First, Madison has bandages on both her hands. She’s suffered an injury, likely escaping her human captors. In the film, Monarch kidnaps Madison and her mother in an attempt to blackmail her father.

Finally, the trailer ends with the slogan “Reach Monarch” and the Twitter handle @monarchsciences. Also, there is a small screen glitch. Time will tell, but this may be set-up for a Godzilla-related ARG. Monarch has a lot of secrets, and some of them are buried in the far reaches of the internet. Expect more Godzilla goodness following WB’s Comic-Con panel this weekend!

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