Godzilla Trailer Breakdown

He’s due for a make-over

The original snippet of the new Godzilla movie wasn’t very exciting for most audiences.  Many of us lived through the travesty that was the 1998 feature movie Godzilla.  You know, the one with Matthew Broderick (Ferris Bueller’s Day Off) and Jean Reno (The Professional)?  It was supposed to be one of the biggest blockbusters of the time and crushed all hopes of a big screen comeback for the majority of fans.  It was a terrible let down that left many of us skeptical about a successful reboot to the series.

The first trailer that came out for the new Godzilla, gave us a small piece of the film that wasn’t quite enough to get the general populace excited.  Well, if you’re one of those people and you haven’t seen the most recent trailer, follow this link.  Go ahead and watch it.  I’ll give you a few minutes to absorb and bask in the amazing that just hit you like a brick wall.  Are you good?  Need another?  If you aren’t psyched about this movie after that preview, I don’t know what more you could want.  Let’s break it down.

0:05-0:10 You hear Bryan Cranston (Breaking Bad) say, “I wanna talk to somebody in charge.”  This sent chills up my spine.  Did it do the same for you?

0:10-0:40  Bryan Cranston continues speaking to someone.  His monologue confronts panning aerial images, flashes of destruction, people running in panic.  A good start to the build to the fact that something is causing all of this.  No natural disaster, but something else that nobody will explain.  We see images of a destroyed Las Vegas city and Lady Liberty missing her torch.

0:40-0:55  An aerial shot over a bridge.  Helicopters clearing following some shape in the darkened waters.  We see a panned shot of onlookers as the water begins to rise.  Something massive take shape from the depths.  So powerful it rises that it causes waters to flood into the city, killing yet more innocents.

0:55-1:15  We see soldiers wandering the jungle.  They discover something with a radioactive symbol on it.  Is this the origins of Godzilla?  We also hear Ken Watanabe (The Last Samurai) begin to speak.  He explains that the Japanese army awakened something in 1954.  This would be post World War II.  The Japanese were experimenting with nuclear tests.  Fans of the series see that which is immediately recognizable in the projection picture.  Those would be the spines of Godzilla.  They explain that they weren’t really testing anything, but more in fact trying to destroy what it is they found.

Not Godzilla
Won’t look like a T-Rex

1:15-1:30  “You have no idea what is coming.”  They really don’t.  We see a piece of the tail from the creature as well as more destruction.  A city, that could be Japan, to pay proper homage to the origins of where this story came from.

1:30-1:37  “Can you kill it?”  The truest question without a recognizable answer.  We did in fact see the Japanese try to nuke a few frames before without success, clearly.  We see jets dropping from the sky like flies being a nuisance. Military drop paratroopers in for what would seem an assault from the air or just a drop to get close to the creature.

1:37-1:42  A very upset Bryan Cranston has a tearful goodbye with what looks to be his wife or someone he cares about deeply.  Someone that is in a radiation/bio suit.  Where are they going?

1:42-1:55  “The arrogance of man is thinking nature is in our control and not the other way around.”  The dialogue plays over a scene of scientists inside what looks to be the remains of something.  It’s a huge skeleton, suggesting that the creature isn’t the only one of it’s kind.  Perhaps, it’s the last?

1:55-2:05 Flares are fired and give us a very clear shot of what looks to be a scaly body.  Whatever it is, definitely reptilian and ominous.

2:05-2:13 More clips of destruction giving us smaller snippets of the creatures body.  A claw touching the ground, a train being ripped to pieces, what again look to be back plates as the creature goes through a train bridge.  We see a woman, perhaps a mother?  Maybe a nurse?  Both?  We clearly see the fear in her eyes at something.  Unable to comprehend it’s danger.

2:13-2:17 We get the clearest shot of the maw of the beast as doors are closing and then the sound.  The roar of something so powerful and omnipotent, that a wave of excitement hits you.  It’s Godzilla.

Godzilla King of the Monsters
No school like the old school.

That last shot has got to make you drool a little bit.  If you aren’t familiar with the Godzilla brand, please….please educate yourself.  You need to go out to a video store, hit up the online source, whatever it takes.  Wikipedia this bad boy.  The old shots will definitely seem hokey, but I promise it will give you some insight as to why long time fans should be excited.  This movie appears to pay tribute to the original design without overdoing it.  On the same token, it also doesn’t go so far as to follow the B rated cult design either.  It looks like an agreement in the middle.  If you liked Pacific Rim and wanna see what it would be like if there were no giant robots to oppose the monsters, this is going to be the movie for you.  Godzilla, king of the monsters is rising again.  Can’t wait for May to get here.

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