Good Girls Gone Geek 12 Days of Geekmas Gift Ideas!

Christmas is right around the corner.  I’ve been cranking Guster’s Tiny Tree (a few years later and that Target commercial still makes me cry). Proffitt and I are almost done with Christmas cards and still racking our brains for last minute gift ideas so you might not have to.  We promise a broad range of prices because frankly, we hate those magazine gift lists that assume we all have $100+ to spend on everyone in our lives. It’s more about the thought and the personal touch than the dollars, anyway.

From Bex:

Every nerd we know is either a lover of Star Wars or knows someone who is. There is no lack of Star Wars branded merchandise, but it is rare to find something so classy and cool.

For day 12, I present (pun intended)

Star Wars cufflinks with a palladium coating from Neiman Marcus for about $125. Now if you search for these online, you can find them at other price points but I saw them at Neiman  first. Throw in some chocolate chip cookies for yourself and it’s a successful day of shopping.

Day 11. Not every writer is a Neil Gaiman, but if you know someone who loves to write by hand, keeps a journal, or fancies writing letters, you can’t go wrong with the Pilot Varsity disposable real fountain pens. I am yet to commit to the  hefty price tag of a serious fountain pen (mainly because I am a loser of favorite pens), but I have tried lots of disposable ones and the majority are crappy.  The Varsity, used in Sex and the City by Carrie Bradshaw,  is a gem. For about $21 at Staples you can get a variety pack of colors in these handy, fluid, smooth writing pens. I’ve had mine for about two years and they are just as fresh as when I first used them. The colors are vibrant and make writing fun. Add a nice little notebook, stationary (Italian paper is a dream to write on, hint hint), or a carrying case and you’ve got a fully loaded gift to impress that creative someone.

Day 10. Listography book/journals by Lisa Nola.  I received My Future Listography a few weeks ago for my birthday and in an odd turn of events, it has provided me with both comfort and inspiration during this crazy month.  It’s fun to think about future Halloween costume ideas, changes you’d like to see in the world, places you’d like to spend the night, other lives you’d like to lead if you had 9 lives, etc.  I’d liken it to a journal for writing commitment-phobes. Nola has listographies focused on movies, music, your love life and more.  Great for inspiring a group discussion or personal reflection, these can be found at the Chronicle Books website and are priced at a $16.95 .  And as an aside, I love Chronicle Books. They  had me hooked since publishing the interactive Griffin and Sabine love stories.  If you are ever stumped for gift ideas, just look through their website.


From Proffitt:

Spoiler Alert: Bex’s Christmas present may or may not be included below.  (Hint: it totally is).

Day 9. Funko POP figures, The Walking Dead.  I mean…I just…look at how adorable these things are!  While I’m a little bummed we can’t get the whole crew (yet…?), I can tell you that as soon as I saw these on Amazon.com I scooped up all four of the available dolls – Rick, Daryl, Bicycle Girl Walker and  RV-Walker.  Why two walkers, but no Glen?  Who can say?  I’ll be keeping my fingers crossed for future additions.  When I purchased these, the Daryl Dixon doll was no more expensive than any of the others, but it looks like that has changed!   I don’t know if these are limited edition, or if there will be more Daryls released later, but you might want to get him while you can.  (Don’t worry Bex, I’m sure you’ve put it together by now – I’ve got you covered on this one).


Day 8. Funko POP Game of Thrones figures OK, I’m a little obsessed here.  I haven’t bought these yet, but they are the only thing besides books and a hair dryer on my Amazon wishlist, so fingers-crossed!  Again, some of the choices baffle (No Jon Snow?!  Who is picking these things?), but the sorrowful look on tiny Sandor Clegane makes me so happy/sad.  I’ma give him some hot chocolate! Figures included: Daenerys Targaryen, Khal Drogo, Eddard Stark, Sandor Clegane (The Hound), White Walker, and Tyrion Lannister.

 Day 7. Urban Decay Smoked 24-7 Eye Pencil Set from Sephora.com

OK, OK, these aren’t in any way geeky or nerdy.  They’re just fun.  Urban Decay makes quality stuff and their eye makeup is particularly awesome.  If your lady friend likes getting dolled up for a night on the town, she might enjoy these.  I’m in love with the colors.

From Bex:

Day 6. Everyone has that quirky friend that is hard to buy for. Fashion forward and fun, what can you get her that she doesn’t already have? A fabulous handcrafted comic book inspired accessory. Go to Etsy and search “Pow headband” and you will find such delightful gifts like this from JanineBasil for about $25 US dollars plus shipping. She’s in London but the shipping isn’t that pricey and there are other crafters who have similar products at different price points so there is probably a seller near you. Or be inspired to start creating your own designs.

Day 5. We just love her and she’ll probably always be on our gift list. GeekSoap. She frequently rolls out new designs and right now the Dragon Warrior Slime soap is just gushing with adorableness.

OR this for the Harry Potter fan- Platform 9 3/4 

There is a soap for almost any nerd/geek you know and love like D20 Soap on a rope , our favorite houses from Game of Thrones soaps , adorable tentacled cephalosoaps , manly smelling Mustache soap  and so much more. The scents are light and not overpowering. I have uber sensitive skin and using these vegan formulas did not irritate me at all. We can’t say enough good things about Lesley and her products. And at $6-7 price ranges plus some $5 sale items, you can buy every geek or non geek on your list some soap.

Day 4. An Umbrella umbrella from Thinkgeek.com.  Thank you to friend of GGGG Scott K for even making me aware of such awesomeness.. Chances are it won’t be back in stock for the holidays, but it’s on here because gamers, movie fans, and those who like good design can appreciate this umbrella. It’s useful, kicky,  looks great and maybe worth the wait.

Alternate Day 4. Also from Thinkgeek.com, at long last a blue canary night light. Who does not fondly remember that They Might Be Giants song and love it? The description on this item alone made me want to buy it and at $12.99, why not? Include with it a note that reads “Say I’m the only bee in your bonnet” and you have a gift to make the right lady/fella swoon and think you are the bees’ knees.  There’s also a nifty looking Tardis night light that deserves honorable mention.

From Proffitt:

Day 3.  SHARK SOCKS. For all you knitters out there, this post will show you all the details up close so you can give your favorite Jaws/Shark Week fan a pair of shark socks to wear…around the house, I guess.  Unlikely they will fit into any shoes.  Plus, they’d probably just eat right through them anyway (ba-dum-ching!)

Of course, you don’t have to knit sharks specifically.  We’ve seen hand-knit Tardises, Jayne hats, even Zombies.  If you’ve got the needle-skills, knitting something specifically targeted to your friends may be just the budget-friendly idea you’ve been looking for.

Day 2.  Nostalgia toys! Especially good for anyone 30+, find some old toys, video games, or gadgets from their youth.  One of my favorite recent memories was playing through the original Super Mario Bros on  a friend’s Nintendo.  If someone gave me an actual Easy Bake Oven, I’d probably marry him.  Don’t have the time, the money, or the parent’s basement to ransack for originals?  No problem.  The nostalgia thing is hot right now.  You can find Rubik’s Cubes in toy stores again, and old-school video and board games are out there, too.  Maybe throw in some Pop Rocks and Candy Cigarettes (oh, they still make ’em) and make a gift-basket with a 80s or 90s theme.  Man…I’m loving this idea.  I’m taking this one for myself!

Day 1. The Walking Dead from Telltale Games

I know, I know.  I’m Walking Dead obsessed right now.  I just love it so much.  Also, this game is getting phenomenal reviews. 

That’s it for our 2012 gift recommendations!  Hope we helped you check some folks off your list.  Please share your recommendations with us, too!


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