Google Pixel 3A Review: An Unbeatable Camera at This Price


Google Pixel 3A Review: An Unbeatable Camera at This Price


For the past few years, almost every smartphone brand is trying to match up to Google Pixels to provide their users with the best camera. No doubt, Google Pixel is always considered a standard device for smartphone cameras but you can’t overlook certain issues that have negatively affected the device. For example, the pricing and hardware issues of Pixel 2 resulted in a lot of complaints from the users. But the good news is that Google has finally launched Google Pixel 3A, which the company claims to be a better version of the previous handsets. The hardware problems, which were addressed in the Pixel 3 devices, are now completely eliminated. Here’s what the new pixel 3A features:

Performance and Design of Google Pixel 3A

Google Pixel 3AThough the newly launched device seems pretty similar to the pixel 3 smartphone, there are certain modifications made. But, these changes are so minor that you won’t be able to notice them until you get a closer look at both the devices. Pixel 3A is comparatively bigger in size than Pixel 3 and the former is made up of polycarbonate. Talking about the display, here also you can notice a few differences that include the replacement of Gorilla glasses with Dragontrail Strengthened Glass. Pixel 3A, which features broader viewing angles, offers a decent resolution of 2220*1080 pixels.

The latest handset comes with a 3.5mm headphone jack and features stereo speaker right at the bottom edge of the smartphone. Overall, the Pixel 3A is expected to perform well in terms of its display, speakers, and design. Google has definitely cut some exclusive designs and corners but that’s completely understandable considering that the price of the device is reduced to almost half of its former variants. So, if you want to have a live casino experience on any online casino in the UK, you know which phone to go for!

Google Pixel 3A Camera

Google Pixel 3AThe best part about this latest Google Pixel variant is its exceptional camera, probably the feature that the smartphone users recognize this device for. The camera of Pixel 3A is somewhat similar to the other variants of the device. Fortunately, users will get to enjoy all the amazing camera features in Google Pixel 3A that were available on Google Pixel 3 including Portrait mode, Super Res Zoom, Night Sight mode, and so on. The device features a 12-megapixel rear camera that boasts f/1.8 aperture.

The results of the Google Pixel 3A camera tests were pretty accurate i.e. the images clicked with the device were clear and bright aside from some indoor clicks which seemed dull. The quality of the pictures was cool and precise, even when the shot was captured with portrait mode. As expected, the night sight mode of the device worked well and allowed users to click the vibrant and clear pictures in low or dim lights. Coming to the selfies, Google pixel 3A performed well. As compared to the other smartphone cameras, Pixel 3A captures more of a natural-looking selfie than a filtered one. There’s no doubt that Pixel 3A’s camera performance is incredible. Google didn’t compromise the camera and resolution of the smartphone.

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