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Graduate-Level Essay Writing Tips – Do’s and Don’ts


Graduate-Level Essay Writing Tips – Do’s and Don’ts


In your graduate programs, you are expected to demonstrate well-honed writing and editing skills in essays. Graduate courses may require proficiency in real-world formal communications and scholarly literature. Your graduate degree becomes an indicator that you have assimilated the knowledge and practical skills to grow and help business. A person needs different skills for a job, such as critical thinking, reading, writing, and verbal communication skills. With graduate-level essay writing, you can prove your skills in the real world.

For the assistance of students, affordable writing essays service is available, such as EduBirdie. You can take their support to write a winning essay. If you want to write a winning essay, here are some do’s and don’ts to consider.

Do’s of Graduate Essays

If you want to write a persuasive graduate-level essay, here are some important things to do.

Proper Syntax

The syntax is the arrangement of phrases and words to form well-formed sentences. Syntax is essential to increase clarity in writing. The incorrect syntax may result in senseless paragraphs and sentences. It may pose perceptual problems for proficient communicators.

Use Easy Language

Graduate-Level Essay Writing Tips - Do's and Don'ts
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Instructors often skim read essays to evaluate the competency of writers. If you want to get good marks, you should adhere to the guidelines of your teacher. Understand the topic before writing it. Structure your first draft in a way to make key points visible. It will help your instructors to evaluate the quality of your essay while skim reading.

Follow Punctuation Rules

Common mistakes include erroneous use of semicolons and wrong placement of periods, commas and other quotation marks.

Start with the Thesis Statement

An introduction is incomplete without a thesis statement. In your essays, you can’t ignore this section. With a thesis statement, you can reveal the core concept of your essay concisely. However, a thesis statement is essential for an introduction, don’t make it an opening sentence of your graduate-level essay. Try to put it at the end of the introductory paragraph.

Use Simple Sentences

Some students use complicated sentences in their essay to get good grades. Keep it in mind that complicated sentences can increase the confusion of readers. These sentences will prove your incapability to deliver information in a readable and simple format. Moreover, complicated sentences can increase the danger of stylistic mistakes and grammar errors. Try to write readable and straightforward sentences to convey your message.  

Include Footnotes, Citations, and References

Your essay should have sources to validate your statements and prove your proficiency in writing. Citations are essential for both academic and business essays. Support your information with reputable sources to boost your credibility and support your commendations.

Edit and Proofread Your Essay

It is difficult to detect errors during your first proofread. Make sure to review your work 2 to 3 times to avoid possible blunders.

Don’ts in Graduate-level Essays

Avoid Writing in the Second Person

If you are writing an article to instruct or inform, you can use second person voice. Avoid this practice in your essay. The second person narrative can decline the effectiveness of the argument and research papers. It sounds like the writer is offering advice or giving instructions to his/her readers instead of informing them. See this example:

  • Strong: The statistics from numerous research papers specify that the death rate is increasing because of tobacco smoking. The nicotine in tobacco is affecting the mind, heart, lungs, and senses of smokers.
  • Weak: You must read the reports about the increasing death rate because of tobacco smoking.

Don’t Neglect Formatting Details

Regardless of your formatting and style requirements, you should pay attention to the font size, margins, paper size, page numbers, and spaces. While writing an essay, you have to pay attention to the narration types. For instance, narrative essays require the first person to tell a story, but argumentative or persuasive essays need your views based on facts.

Don’t Trust on Software for Corrections

Special tools like grammar check and spell check are beneficial to save time, but they can’t replace your mastery and firsthand knowledge of writing. You can join coaching classes to improve your writing skills instead of relying on software. Excellence in writing skills is necessary for a graduate student.

With a proactive and informed approach toward writing, you can fortify your academic performance, hone your communication skills and enjoy career growth.

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