Green Lantern Annual 1 Preview

William Hand, afraid of a message from the Book of Black , buries Hal Jordan in a shallow grave. He also buries Sinestro, Hal Jordan’s rival and unwitting partner. Instead of killing Jordan outright, William Hand offers Jordan a choice: Sinestro’s life or his long dead father. Which one does Jordan choose?

Issue 12 is also the culmination of the plan that the Guardians of the Universe started a year ago in issue 1. Apparently, this was less than a month ago in the universe, according to what Jordan says in the preview images. The Third Army is the Guardians of the Universe’s third attempt to bring order to the universe. The first two attempts, Manhunters and the Green Lantern Corps, have been disappointments to them. Because of their nature, they are going to cast off the old and try something new, unless Lanterns of all colors do something about it. Well, sure because all of your plans worked for you in spades, right?

I am wondering when the Lanterns of all colors realize that the biggest threats to the galaxy is the Guardians of the Universe themselves? Will this be the next story line after the Third Army? Will Kyle Rayner lead the charge and unite the color Lanterns to dethrone the Guardians? What is Hal Jordan’s role in the plan? Where does Baz fit into all of this?

Some of those questions may be answered in Green Lantern Annual 1, on sale this Wednesday.



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