Review – Green Lanterns #36 (DC Comics)


Oh Bolphuga, Where Art Thou? Part 2

In the last issue of Green Lanterns, we learned the Bolphuga the Unrelenting was all smoke and no fire. It seems he talked a big game and could not back it up, and when he was placed in the Science Cells (a Green Lantern prison on Mogo), the other inmates found this out pretty quickly. His father Boff the Unkillable is another story, he was a mighty warrior that was feared across the galaxy, but now he is just a feeble old man who is very disappointed in his son. Bolphuga explains to the Lanterns Jessica Cruz and Simon Baz that he fled to Earth to escape his lawyer Singularity Jain whom he owes a debt to. In Green Lanterns #36, Singularity Jain shows up to collect those debts and will literally swallow anything in her way. 

Green Lanterns # 36 – Cover Art by Mike McKone

I am still really liking what Tim Seeley is doing with this storyline and how he is slowly developing things. We get the main story with Bolphuga continuing in Green Lanterns #36, but we also get the slow burn of the continuation of the story of the Molites and Ungara. I am waiting to see what happens with that plot point because it feels like it is slowly getting to a tipping point. I really like how Seeley has continued that storyline and has let it slowly develop on its own. The dialogue continues to be fantastic throughout the series and just makes Green Lanterns #36 a really fun read.


Ronan Cliquet did the art for Green Lanterns #36 (Cliquet also did the art for issue #34). There are some great panels in this issue of Green Lanterns, and Cliquet continues to put great details in the light constructs and the characters, but it feels like some panels or pages were a little rushed. Some panels do not have as much detail in them nor do they have the great facial expressions that Cliquet normally puts in. There are some great panels with some really vivid emotion in them, and I only bring up those panels that lack those details because Cliquet does such a great job with details and facial expressions that it is noticeable when those are lacking. 

It is not bad art, it is just noticeable at times. Cliquet has an amazing page of a very distorted Jessica Cruz that looks awesome, and there is a full page of the Molites that looks beautiful with their big wide eyes and huge smiles. There are a lot of different colors in Green Lanterns #36 and Hi-Fi nails all of them; from the greens of the lanterns to all the different aliens shown throughout the colors, the use of color really dances off the pages.


Green Lanterns continues to just be a great superhero comic book, it is tons of fun to read and the story continues to build upon itself having the reader anticipating the next issue. Tim Seeley has made me a fan of Green Lanterns Simon Baz and Jessica Cruz, so if you are looking for a good superhero comic book then you may want to check this series out!


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