Review – Green Lanterns #37 (DC Comics)

Green Lanterns #37

“Peacekeepers” Part 1

The subplot that has been building up for the past two issues of Green Lanterns explodes onto the scene in Green Lanterns #37. An Ungaran official has been killed and Green Lanterns Jessica Cruz and Simon Baz have been called in to investigate. The thing that makes this an interesting case is, a Molite has been named as the killer!

Green Lanterns #37 cover by Mike McKone
Green Lanterns #37 cover by Mike McKone

To get a full grasp of the story you have to go back to Green Lanterns #34; in that issue, Jessica Cruz and Simon Baz saved the Molite race from their dying planet and brought them to the Ungaran’s planet to live. In the past two issues, it has been teased that the Ungarans and the new Molite refugees are not getting along, and this murder could be the tipping point to an all-out war between the two groups in Green Lanterns #37.

Tim Seeley has done a great job with this series since I jumped on board with issue #34. I have really enjoyed how he has slowly developed this plot line and is now really digging into it. I am also really enjoying the writing for Jessica Cruz and Simon Baz; Seeley has let me get to know them fairly quickly and he writes them well as a team. There is also a great cliffhanger ending that was quite shocking! Seeley has done a great job with these characters, making them very well-rounded individuals, and I am excited to see where he takes them in the future.


I am still not a big fan of the whole rotating-artists thing with these bi-weekly books, but Green Lanterns #37 works out because the art team does a fantastic job. Carlo Barberi does some great penciling throughout the issue, nailing the character designs and making the Ungaran world feel full and alive. Matt Santorelli’s inks really help add in some wonderful detail throughout Green Lanterns #37; he really pulls out the details in the Ungaran armor and it really pops on the pages.

I like Ulises Arreola’s bright color palette. It is very eye-catching and really enhances the pages. The art is all-around solid; it is structured well with the story and is just good comic-book art. The whole creative team seems to be working very well together and Green Lanterns #37 is a perfect example of everything just flowing seamlessly.


alternate cover by Brandon Peterson
alternate cover by Brandon Peterson

Green Lanterns is quickly becoming one of my favorite comic books to read. It is has a very “classic” comic-book feel to me. That is not putting it down or anything. It just feels like Green Lanterns has that great superhero comic-book feel to it that I do not get from other series. The story is good and has a nice cliffhanger ending and the art is very solid (I just wish we could get a consistent team on this series). I am excited to read Green Lanterns every time it comes out, and for me, that is the sign of a good series!


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