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Greg Pak Talks Storm at Special Edition NYC

Greg PakAt Special Edition I got to cross two things off of my geek/cosplayer bucket list. I got to have a discussion about how much I love and admire a character with someone that helps to breath life into her. I also got to have someone responsible for the continuing awesomeness of one of my favorite characters of all time want to take a picture with ME while cosplaying that character. Greg Pak helped make both of those dreams come true, and to top it all of he was nice enough to take a moment to talk to me about the first ever Storm on-going series he is writing that is due to hit shelves this July.

Working with Pak to bring this story to life are Victor Ibanez who will be drawing Ororo and from what I’ve heard he has some really interesting ideas for how she should be depicted. Also, Daniel Ketchum will be editing the book and with his knowledge of Storm a team has been built for this endeavor that is enthusiastic about the character and making sure that she gets the treatment that she deserves. I still find it perplexing that Marvel has waited so long to publish a Storm on-going series given that she has played such a pivotal role in the X-Men for so many years. The excitement I felt when this book was announced has only been increased with the learning more about the team that will be working on it.

Pak promises that we will see the parts of Storm that makes her so different from all of the other X-Men and Marvel characters as a whole. He emphasizes how all of the stages in her life, from being a thief in Cairo, a Goddess, and a Queen have all informed how she looks at a situation, and formed her character. All of these moments in her life give her a strength of character, and level of determination that will cause her to; “go where she is needed no matter what happens,” as Pak put it.


He also promised to explore her relationships not only with new characters that will be introduced to very early in the series but with characters we have already met like Callisto and a former flame who’s name he would not reveal no matter how many pleading looks I gave him. Storm’s relationships have never defined her as a character but they have always given a lot of insight into who she is and getting to see those relationships brought to the forefront of her story will add such a richness to this series.

After our talk I was left with so many questions like; is Black Panther going to make an appearance? The dissolution of their marriage was something that was never gone into with ay great detail and it feels like there is a lot left to say between the two. If Callisto is going to appear does that mean we are going to get to see Morlocks? Because there has been a sever draught of Morlocks. But most of all talking with Greg Pak just made me excited for July when I can buy this book and discuss it on Agents of Marvel 😉

Greg Pak Interview (audio only)

I would like to thank Mr. Pak again for taking the time to talk to me at Special Edition NYC.



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