‘Gremlins’ Set to Return In Animated Form


Beware the Bright Lights!


Remember the rules and heed them well as the Gremlins are back. Mischevious, deadly and cute all wrapped into one bundle. The iconic characters of the 1984 smash hit are primed to return in a brand new animated endeavour.

WarnerMedia have commisioned Gizmo and the mogwai for a prequel for their new streaming service. The service is rumoured to be known as HBO Max and is said to debut sometime in 2020. Gremlins: Secrets of The Mogwai is among the first in the lineup for the initial rollout of the service.

An Origin Story   

Gremlins (1984) movie poster
Gremlins (1984)

The 1920’s will set the scene for this animated prequel.The show will be based in Shanghai, China. It will follow young Sam Wing as  he becomes the first to encounter a mogwai named Gizmo.

Sam and a street thief named Elle must work together to find a way to get Gizmo back to his family. Throughout their journey, they will battle monsters of folklore and discover ancient spirits that will aid them in their quest. The pursuit of a home and of a legendary treasure will find them running from an army of wicked gremlins and a savvy industrialist. Those familiar with the 1984 film will recognise Sam Wing as the crafty old shopkeeper, Mister Wing.

The Secrets of the Series

Behind the production aspect, we can confirm that the show will run for 10 episodes at half hour per episode. Tze Chun is confirmed as the writer and co-executive producer of the project. His past credits include Warner Bros. Gotham and ABC’s Once Upon a Time. Joining Chun as executive producer will be Darryl Frank and Justin Falvey of Amblin Entertainment. Most known for their credit on the FX show, The Americans and the Netflix fan favourite, The Haunting of Hill House. The production itself will be a conjoined affair with Amblin and Warner Bros. Animation at the helm.

Gremlins: Secrets of The Mogwai will be availible in 2020 on the HBO Max streaming service. For viewers at home, we would reccomend not to drink water or eat snacks over the screen after midnight.

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