TV Review: Marvel’s Daredevil (Netflix)

daredevil costumeMarvel and Netflix gave us all an early Christmas present this past weekend and I can’t thank them enough!

Daredevil, to me, is a childhood friend.  He’s the working class blue collar hero of the Marvel Universe, even though he is a lawyer.  It aways amazed me to “see” how Matt Murdock could,live, breathe and fight solely relying on his other senses.  That suit, his billy club, the way those ripples of sound waves emanated from his horned head–incredible!  A savior to all as a lawyer and masked superhero.

Fast forward to present day, April, 10, 2015 to be exact, Marvel and Netflix premiere Daredevil the series and all of it’s glorious 13 episodes! I woke up Saturday morning, the 11th, to a rainy, dark clouded, cool day justifying every excuse to stay home and binge. I went to my instant que and punched up The Man Without Fear and what followed was pure bliss and giddiness as I saw my favorite characters come to life.  It was all there–the darkness, the grittiness, my love for Murdock, Nelson, Page and Kingpin!

Charlie Cox is amazing as Daredevil/Murdock.  The man  physically, emotionally and mentally embodies him.  His confidence as a lawyer, his mannerisms as a blind person, his brutal physical prowess.  He made DD jump out of the pages of the comic!!

Elden Henson plays Franklin “Foggy” Nelson, Murdocks best friend (a best friend everyone would love to have) and legal partner.  Henson brings the comedic relief, and at the same time constantly reminding Murdock of the day to day life of being people of the law and people from Hell’s Kitchen.daredevil

Debrah Ann Wohl plays the lovely and conflicted Karen Page. We’ve all seen her before in True Blood, but she brings her acting chops as the damaged (yet very strong) Karen Page.  Through these 13 episodes, the audience sees some drastic character development with her.  Right off the bat, she is seen as a victim of a crime she did not commit, a sort of Erin Brockovich type of persona. I love that she genuinely loves and cares for both Murdock and Nelson. There’s a tenderness that is seen through those beautiful blue eyes.

The Kingpin. My God. I always knew that Vincent D’Onofrio was a hell of an actor, but playing Wilson Fisk? D’Onofrio brought his A game giving the Kingpin a refreshing twist with an almost childlike, fragile side. He has an awkwardness, an almost apologetic sense of his existence, his size and mental state. He has a distaste for public places, his voice almost borders on a whisper, but if you piss him of, beware. He took a guys head off using a car door. His presence, a large man, quiet and reserved, but at the same time this Kingpin is menacing and intimidating.

Onto the show itself. The series begins with a flashback. Young Murdock is lying on the street seconds after he is struck by the chemical, blinding him “I CAN’T SEE…I CAN’T SEE!” His father Jack is right above him with a frightened look trying to reassure him that it’s going to be “alright”. Fast forward and Murdock is an adult, in a confessional, speaking about his father, crying, and then he says “I’m not seeking penance for what I’ve done Father…I’m asking forgiveness for what I’m about to do.”  What a great intro, and the opening sequence was awesome. Somber music, blood dripping, revealing statues, buildings and the Daredevil. Very poetic in its imagery.Daredevil_RedSuit1

The series just takes off from there. There are fight scenes, one in particular in the second episode, where Daredevil in his Black costume has a one continuous shot battle with a bunch of Russian gangsters, reminding me of the original Oldboy (where the protagonist fights a bunch of bad guys with a hammer), in one continuous shot. Fight scenes, the court room, the banter between Murdock and Foggy…Karen Page starting off as a murder suspect, Ben Urich as a reporter, The Kingin.  This was like a 13 hour movie that just hit every great note from the source material and at the same time gave me a great story.  I didn’t even think about the costume. I couldn’t stop watching and my weekend just disappeared in a blur, and I wanted more. I’ll be re-watching this…I’ll take my time to savor it oh so slowly.

[Warning: Spoilers Ahead!]

There’s just one thing, the death of Ben Urich. This is a character that could’ve been the thread that tied everything together. He is an integral part (in the comics) to the Civil War…he writes the exposés on certain heroes and villains.

To sum it all up, DAREDEVIL was a gift! This series blew every superhero show out of the water. It did what Nolan’s Batman couldn’t–to be real, to be gritty, to be dark and at the same time, understanding the reality of being a hero, the hard work, the pain, the sacrifice, to make his “city a better place”. Murdock has no money, no resources, only his heightened  senses and his dedication to help those in need. Can one man make a difference? Hell. Yes. Thanks Marvel, thanks Netflix. I want more seasons.

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