Halloween ’14: The Nightmare Before Christmas

Yet another Tim Burton classic – arguably the Tim Burton classic –  The Nightmare Before Christmas is one of those movies I couldn’t see all at once as a kid. Too spooky. But, to be fair, I also couldn’t sit through the scene in Sid’s room from Toy Story. You know all those Claymation and stop motion holiday features we’ll be watching with sons, daughters, nieces and nephews here soon?

The Nightmare Before Christmas is a response to all those. I mean, it’s about a guy that gets bored with the little time he gets to celebrate his favorite holiday – Halloween – so he carries it into Christmas and turns that most magical of holidays into a horrorfest. Eventually it all turns out all right in the end and realizes the importance of so cheery and wondrous a holiday, but he does make quite a ruckus.

That is why I’m making this the last movie we talk about on this All Hallows’ Eve. I’m sure we’ve all haunted our little – or monstrous – hearts out tonight, and the reality that such a fun night will soon give way to a “glorious morn” darkens our thoughts. Have cheer for I bring good tidings of great joy, Tim Burton gave us a Halloween movie we could watch all holiday season.

If you haven’t seen the movie and need a plot synopsis, it’s really just that sentence in the last paragraph. The thing that makes this film are the background characters and all the beautiful animations. This guy’s team are wizards with clay, y’all.

Speaking from my childhood home’s dynamic, this movie is well suited for your teenage scamps that are sick of listening to ‘The Heat Miser Song’ and wondering at Rudolph’s glowing nose. Not to mention it is iconic for the majority of us.

A haunting, a horror and a dash of a love story, The Nightmare Before Christmas is another great intro into the classics of Halloween cinema.

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