Halloween ’14: The Rocky Horror Picture Show

rocky-horrorAs many of us know, this film is not a horror, but it’s still a Halloween classic. Dr. Frankenfurter, Janet, Brad and of course Rocky Horror as well as the rest of the cast of characters make this movie wonderfully hilarious. How many films do you know that include a dance tutorial? How many do you know that include some beautiful transvestites from Transylvania? None but this one.

The plot is so convoluted that all I’m going to share is Brad and Janet are newly engaged, and on their way to share the news with someone important to them when a storm shuts them down right in front of grand mansion that has a party going on. From there, there is a Franken-esque monster, aliens, lots of corsets and garters, and plenty of musical numbers.

More to the point of the movie, there is a culture surrounding it. When people talk about cult films, The Rocky Horror Picture Show, is the epitome of that. There is a fan official site with everything you need to know. There are viewings internationally where everyone goes in their best costume, people get up in front of the screen and lead the crowd in a variety of participatory activities. I have yet to go, but this is the year when I may do just that.

Rocky_Horror_throneAs this film is such a phenomena in nerd culture I am going to break my mold here and posit a question. How did you discover The Rocky Horror Picture Show? Snuggled under your covers hiding from your judgy roommates? Did you get dragged to a viewing and fall in love? Or did you discover on that episode of Glee with John Stamos? Let us know in the comments below.

I highly recommend this film. And I highly recommend getting into it. Get off your couch, out of your seat and into the air. Do the ‘Time Warp.’ Put on some beads and your best brassiere and let your freak flag fly.


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