Halloween ’14: The Conjuring

Ever heard of Ed and Lorraine Warren? Yea, I thought so. If you haven’t and are at all interested in the study of the paranormal and supernatural, you should really look them up. They are basically considered some of the “founding fathers” of ghost hunting. They have a museum of haunted objects similar to that of John Zaffis (of Haunted Collector Syfy fame). In this museum they have creepily haunted objects like that of movie fame, Annabelle, the Raggedy Ann doll that moved so much in their home, they built a box to contain it: fyi, that is not the whole story.

Lorraine and Music BoxBut anyway, I could go forever, so on to the film. The Conjuring is the story of one of the first cases taken by the couple. It is the story of the haunting of “The Bathsheba Witch.” Ed is played by Patrick Wilson (Insidious, Phantom of the Opera) and Lorraine is played by Vera Farmiga (Bates Motel). The mother of the Perren family, Carolyn, who is brave enough to bring the Warrens to her home is played by Lili Taylor (The Haunting, Hemlock Grove). There are some other good names amongst the cast to round out the roster.

The Perron family, with mother, father and five daughters, move into an old farmhouse, thinking they got a steal. Almost immediately, weird things begin happening: signs of the paranormal, shall we say. They contact the Warrens who conclude an exorcism should be conducted on the home, but this process requires further evidence to prove the validity of the haunting to the Catholic church.

THE CONJURINGTurns out, the house isn’t all that is haunted. The girls are tormented, even possessed by the spirits to unlock the secrets of the house. With no time to waste waiting for the bureaucratic church, Ed performs the exorcism and Carolyn ends up possessed by the Bathsheba witch. Being a medium, Lorraine is able to aid Carolyn in fighting off the spirit, so the exorcism can reach a resolution. I won’t give away the ending, but it’s happy-ish and clever, and with the snippet at the end as well the scene in the beginning, Warner Brothers left a couple of options open for more Warren-related films. We all know Annabelle is the next in the series, even though it’s a prequel.

“Wouldn’t you do anything to save your kids?”

Ed and Feet

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