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     Welcome back to Halloween Comics where we here at Word of the Nerd give you suggestions on comics to get you into the Halloween spirit! Previously, we gave you some great classic horror with our top five HellBoy stories and last week we went dove straight into zombie apocalypse with Afterlife with Archie: Escape from Riverdale. Now we are going to go into what I like to call my “Monster Squad“/ “80’s team movie” pick for Halloween Comics. Today we are going down straight to monster metropolis and looking at Marvel comics min-series Legion of Monsters!

(Don’t be afraid to read this is spoiler free!)

Legion of Monsters

Legion of Monsters #3

There have been several version of the Legion of Monsters throughout Marvel comics history. In this article we are specifically talking about the 2011-2012 four issue mini series from marvel comics written by Dennis Hopeless, art by Juan Doe, colors by Wil Quintana and letterer Dave Lanphear. I call this my “80’s team movie” pick because it starts hard and fast, does not slow down to explain much, is action packed and tons of fun. The basic concept of Legion of Monsters is that a “virus” is infecting monsters in the marvel universe and making them go mad! The Legion of Monsters consist of an all-star cast of Morbius “The Living Vampire”, Jack Russel “Werewolf by Night”, Manphibian and N’Kantu “The Living Mummy” who must team up with famed monster slayer Elsa Bloodstone to save Monster Metropolis and the Marvel universe from being overtaken by monsters. Now read that in the movie trailer preview guy’s voice and try not to get excited! This book is just a ton of fun, with four issues the book does not have time to hold your hand and explain every little detail ( I still have no idea who or what Manphibian is but I love him all the same!). Do not let this worry you, the pace won’t make you feel “lost” or like you’re missing anything. You get the details you need and you are off on a fun ride. It is really hard not to draw comparisons to the 1987 classic movie Monster Squad, where Monster loving kids team up with Frankenstein’s monster to stop Dracula, The Wolf-man, The mummy and Gill-man from taking over the world! Except in Legion of Monsters the roles are reversed and it is just as much fun. Hopless does a great job of mixing action and comedy together that makes the book an enjoyment to read. 

What makes this such a good Halloween read is obviously the classic Movie Monster aspect in this book. I think everyone has a classic movie Monster that they like and I love revisiting different takes on those characters especially in the marvel Universe. The Wolfman, Dracula/vampires, Gillman and The Mummy are forever etched into Halloween because of those classic movies and tales. Whenever we see these creatures Halloween automatically comes to mind! Legion of Monsters just brings back that classic Halloween feel to me, with monsters and mayhem. Having these types of monsters in this scenario is just plan fun. Not to leave out the heroine of this book  Elsa Bloodstone! She is also a fantastic character very 80’s action hero-ish, with her brash tone and attitude. She is a great fit into this world and brings levity to everything going on. It is a great book to settle into after you have gone through some serious horror reading and you still want the Halloween theme but want to have some fun also! The book is not all fun and games Doe on art and Quitana on colors do great job of bringing these monsters to life, with great character detail. The story also has that nice combination of taking itself seriously but not too serious. Legion of Monsters gives us a great beginning, middle and end feel, the pace never feels rushed and the story smoothly transitions. If you like Monsters and having a little fun than this book is for you.


    Now I could not find this book on Comixology but you can buy the trade paperback on Amazon or if you are a subscriber to Marvel Unlimited all four issues are available. If you are looking for a book with some Monster fun or that feel of an 80’s action team movie with monsters (or you just watched Monster Squad, you really need to watch this movie!) then you will not be disappointed . 

Check back next week for our next installment in our Halloween Comics countdown. Have you discovered any comics recently that get you in the mood for Halloween? Who is you favorite classic movie monster or who would you put on your custom Legion of Monsters team? Share with us your favorite Halloween comics that you think we should read in the comments below.

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