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Handset-wise Tempered Glass Screen Protector

Handset-wise Tempered Glass Screen Protector


These days the market is flooded with different brands of smartphones with different specs. Each one has its own specialty, depending on the price. Talk of smartphones cannot be complete without mentioning tempered glass screen protectors. We all know by now how important it is to install a tempered glass screen protector on your smartphone if you want to protect the original glass screen surface.

As we said at the beginning of this article, each handset is unique and you cannot generally use just any tempered glass screen protector on a particular smartphone handset.


Suppose, you are using iPhone X or XS then you may opt for a tempered glass screen protector which provides a bit more privacy. This privacy tempered glass screen protector guards against unwanted sneak-peeks by people around you; it only allows viewing head-on or within 90 degrees of the glass screen surface.

There are tempered glass screen protectors which offer a 180-degree privacy protection feature. With these you can safeguard your smartphone’s screen from the overzealous crowd with peering eyeballs. Anyone standing farther than 60 degrees from the front of the phone won’t be able to see what’s on it.

In some brands of tempered glass screen guards, you can get an added feature that allows the glass to recover from minor wear and tear, through specially-incorporated self-healing technology. Moreover, like other high-quality screen protectors, it ensures against shattering if it has broken due to sudden drops or shock.

So, you are enjoying double advantages. Any individual standing nearby and trying to look at the content of your smartphone won’t be able to do that. And, as usual, it protects against shocks and drops. There are other types of tempered glass screen protectors with added features such as hydrophobic and oleophobic coatings. These two added features will repel water and oil from the fingers of the users to keep the screen clean.

If you are an iPhone user then you should look for the warranty period of the tempered glass screen protector. There are incidents in which the protector is peeling off of the smartphone. There are, of course, other levels of protection in the form of an anti-scratch feature, which guards the phone against sharp objects.


Samsung’s latest offering, the Galaxy S9 Plus, comes with a 6.2-inch display and there are some tempered glass screen protectors that are offering complete protection with an ultra-thin privacy feature.

Some of the tempered glass screen guards made for Samsung have self-healing properties (i.e. it can go back to its original shape after minor shocks and drops). There are some protectors that offer privacy protection up to a 60-degree viewing angle and some offer protection above 60 to 80-degree viewing angles. For the 6T model, there are screen protectors that block anyone outside of a 45-degree viewing angle. Tempered glass screen protectors for Samsung are generally packed with features like hydrophobic and oleophobic qualities, allowing oil from fingers and water to be easily wiped off from the glass surface of the smartphone whenever needed. Here, too, we can make a customized product per your specifications.


Unfortunately for HTC users, there are not very many good tempered glass screen protectors available. Some of the available products do have gentle curves that match the smartphone’s screen. The thickness that you generally get from the available products is around 0.33mm but privacy factors are almost not there. If you are a seller and want to create your own brand, you can always ask us so that we can make a customized product for HTC.

Your smartphone handset can be iPhone, Samsung, Nokia, or another brand, but it needs protection from scratches and cracks. Moreover, it is also important to protect what’s on your screen as you surf in a crowded place. There are technologies that prevent anyone from viewing your screen from any side.


In this article, we have tried our best to explain to you what kind of tempered glass screen protector you need for your branded smartphones and how you can go about it.  It is important that you pick a screen protector that matches your smartphone’s specifications. We are hoping that you now have a fair idea about it.

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