Attend Hogwarts In Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery

Attend Hogwarts In Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery

A month ago we got great news when Pottermore announced new Harry Potter games would be coming from Portkey! A few hours later we got an even better announcement that Portkey and Niantic were teaming up to make Harry Potter: Wizards Unite, a Pokemon GO style cellphone game. Today the Harry Potter universe has grown again as Portkey announced Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery.

HP Hogwarts Mystery Pottermore/Warner Bros.
HP Hogwarts Mystery Pottermore/Warner Bros.

Portkey is teaming up with Jam City to bring us this new adventure!

Your Letter to Hogwarts!

We have all been waiting years to get our letter from Hogwarts. If you were anything like me as a kid, you were standing in line at a bookstore when a new Harry Potter book came out, then didn’t put it down till you’d read it a few times.

My best memory was of pre-ordering Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire. I was in 5th or 6th grade and I had the option of pre-ordering the book from our school book fair. When I pre-ordered I got a plastic tube with a scroll inside that told me I could exchange it for the book on the day it came out. All together it was a cheap plastic tube and a laminated piece of paper but it felt magical. I even went out to some old mom-and-pop bookstore to exchange it. The bookstore was in an old cottage, which added to the magic. I read that book two times over before my sister pried it from me so she could read it… jeez how selfish of her!

I am getting that same feeling right now! If you head over to the Hogwarts Mystery website you can pre-register for the app now! Once you do, you get your very own letter to Hogwarts!


HP Hogwarts Mystery library Warner Bros.
HP Hogwarts Mystery library Warner Bros.

Portkey promises that this new cellphone game will allow us to attend all eight years of school at Hogwarts. We will see familiar faces, and take classes with professors we love and some we might hate!

Jam City and Portkey say we can attend Defense Against the Dark Arts, Potions class, and even be a member of the Dueling Club.

We do not know when Hogwarts Mystery takes place, but we do know it is while Dumbledore is still Headmaster. 


The amount of hype I have right now is insane. I need to play this game right now. We have a lot of hints which say Hogwarts Mystery will be released next September. 

I know a lot of us really want a fully-fledged next-generation Harry Potter game. It seems to me that Portkey is building us up month by month. They have promised many mobile and console games coming soon, and so far all we have seen are two mobile games. Yet, if they are so innovative with the mobile games they have announced, I am very pumped to see what they have planned for console. 

As always, the Harry Potter universe brings some magic out that no other franchise can capture for me. I hope to see all of you in Dueling Club next year!

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