HBO Releases Quick Teaser Videos for Game of Thrones

It seems like fans haven’t gotten much in the way of teasers lately for the coming Game of Thrones season, but it seems like HBO will be remedying that very soon. A few cell phone quality recorded clips have shown up on the internet lately, which leads fans to hope that something big is coming. After the promo “Reign”, though, there are some mighty large “hype” shoes to fill.

The clips are simple and both show behind the scenes views, preparing for filming, but that brings its own level of excitement to fans. It shows preparation, it shows details, its shows how much care goes into each moment of creating this incredible show. Most of all, it shows they care for Game of Thrones as much as fans do.


The first video is pure detail porn; the camera pans slowly upward, showing the sword we know as “Oathkeeper”, the Valyrian steel blade Jaime chose to pass on the Brienne so she could ensure the safety of the Stark girls. The pommel is an intricate lion head, a theme which continues through the grip and onto the cross-guard. The blade is the dark silvery-grey of Valyrian steel and there is a ruby embedded right in the center of the cross-guard. Overall the sword is gorgeous and it’s nice to get to see the details so close, even if only for a few seconds. Beyond the bit of showing off their attention to detail, the video is nothing more than the sword being polished for filming. But that does mean we’ll be seeing more of its wielder, Brienne, in the coming episodes.



The Queen

The second video isn’t so detail heavy, but it shows the woman everyone loves to hate (or simply loves), Queen Cersei Lannister being prepped for the next take. Lena Headey sits in costume, on set, as the makeup artists touch up her hair and face, making sure the dreaded queen looks flawless for the camera. It’s not much, but hey, it’s better than nothing.


Fans can only hope this means there are more teasers to come. Perhaps a little something from the rightful Queen.


Image via HBO.

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