Review – Head Lopper #8 (Image Comics)

Head Lopper #8

Talking Heads

It is time for the big finale in Head Lopper #8 (and the Crimson Tower #4 of 4). The Crimson Tower has been as terrifying as its namesake; twelve warriors entered at the beginning and now only Bik, Twerpal, Zhaania and Norgal the Head Lopper himself remain alive. Bik and Twerpal’s brother fell at the beginning of the trials of the Crimson Tower, and Zhaania’s protege Xho died retrieving one of the four Crystal Eyes from the Bone Helm Warrior. After narrowly escaping defeat and recovering all of the four Crystal Eyes, the team is ready for the final battle, but Twerpal has some explaining to do.

Head Lopper #8 cover by Andrew MacLean
Head Lopper #8 cover by Andrew MacLean

Ulrich had previously made a deal with Twerpal that if he would bring him the head of Agatha the witch, which Norgal carries around, he would set him and his brother free. Twerpal struggled with the idea until the last issue, ultimately deciding not to go along with Ulrich’s plan and not to betray his friends. Well, it did not really matter. Ulrich sent the famed warrior Berserkr to steal Agatha anyway. In Head Lopper #8 the four warriors enter the final gladiator battle as they face Ulrich the Twice Damned’s most famous and brutal warrior: Berserkr! Blood will be shed and lives will be lost, but the Crimson Tower must be defeated!

Andrew MacLean really outdid himself with Head Lopper #8; it is a fantastic ending to an incredible four-part story. MacLean has really attached the reader to Norgal and this group very effectively with some great character development throughout this series. This final issue of the Crimson Tower storyline is just superbly done; he nails the action and drama and has a fantastic ending.


MacLean also continues to do a wonderful job on art in Head Lopper #8; I really love the pace he sets through the action beats in this issue. He does a great job of slowing things down and speeding them up as the scenes play out. I really love all of the emotion he gets out of his characters. I don’t know how he does it, as the faces are not super detailed, but he has a way of conveying emotion with his cartooning that is just amazing.

Jordie Bellaire’s colors continue to be stunning and fit perfectly in the Head Lopper world. There is a great scene of Norgal walking through flames that is beautiful to look at; Bellaire gives this golden tint to Norgal and the flames that looks really cool. Bellaire and MacLean make a really good art team and they have done some great work on this series.


Head Lopper #8 alt cover by Skinner, Alexis Zirritt
Head Lopper #8 alt cover by Skinner, Alexis Zirritt

Head Lopper and the Crimson Tower is an absolutely fantastic read and Head Lopper #8 has a near-perfect ending for this storyline. MacLean pulls out all the stops and will definitely have the readers on the edge of their seats while reading this issue! It is the big finale of the Crimson Tower storyline and blood will be drawn, tears will be shed and, oh yes, heads will be lopped!



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