Head To The Oasis In the Ready Player One Trailer

The first trailer for Steven Spielberg’s adaptation of Ready Player One debuted at Comic-Con this weekend. The film hits theaters March 30th, 2018.

Adapting Ready Player One

In 2011, a new book, titled Ready Player One took nerd culture by storm. The book follows the story of Wade Watts, a teenager in a semi-post-apocalyptic version of Columbus Ohio. As the outside world fell into disrepair, the citizens of the world disappeared into a virtual reality life sim known as The Oasis. Eventually, James Halliday, the creator of The Oasis dies and reveals that he has hidden an “Easter egg” in the game. And the first person to locate the egg will inherit The Oasis. So, Watts sets out to locate the Easter egg and break out of his trailer park. Essentially, the book is a riff on Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory. However, it’s full of pop culture references. The prose of the book is . . . lacking at best. But, the material is ripe for a cinematic adaptation.

And who do you call when a well-received, but kind of clunky book needs adapting? Steven Spielberg, of course! Jaws is not a literary classic. But, Jaws the film is an all-time great film. Besides, when it’s not distracted by endless lists of pop culture touchstones, Ready Player One feels like a Spielberg classic. It features adolescents on the verge of entering a new stage of life, a sprawling adventure, and inventive set pieces. Spielberg and Ready Player One go hand in hand.

Ready Steven Spielberg

The first trailer for Ready Player One debuted during the Warner Bros. panel at Comic-Con International. Right out of the gate, the excitement is palpable. The trailer opens with a narration from Wade (Tye Sheridan) about his life in Columbus, Ohio, and what plugging into The Oasis means to him. Then we see a montage of scenes inside The Oasis. Take a look for yourself!

Excited yet? This trailer is a perfectly executed teaser. There isn’t a lot of plot. Heck, there isn’t a lot of talking. But we have a sense for the aesthetic of the world and what The Oasis looks like. Also, the Tom Sawyer reveal at the end of the trailer is perfect. However, a lot of fans aren’t on board with the changes the trailer makes from the book. Much of the trailer is not in the book, and Spielberg mentioned that he took out direct references to his films.

Now, there are quite a few reasons to trust Spielberg’s vision for Ready Player One. First, he’s freaking Steven Spielberg. This isn’t his first rodeo, and he deserves our trust. Second, intellectual property rights are expensive. Yes, the film is going to make a lot of money. But, if Warner Bros. shelled out money to fit every single reference to properties they don’t own into the film, they would go bankrupt. Lastly, Ernest Cline co-wrote the script. Any deviations from the source material went forward with his blessing.

All that said, are you excited for Ready Player One? What are you most excited to see in the film? Let us know in the comments!

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