Head to Head Overview of Ignition Poker vs BetOnline Poker


If you have been playing online poker, the names of Ignition Poker and BetOnline Poker must have come upon more than one occasion. These websites are still the biggest and most popular US-focused online poker rooms you will find today.

Since there have been so many debates as to the authenticity of both and, specifically, which one to choose, we have decided to take a closer look and compare the card rooms to see which one is, in fact, better—if any.

What Is Ignition Poker and Is It Worth Your While?

Ignition PokerIgnition Poker is a newer entrant in the online poker space, having set up shop in 2016. It’s quickly gone from small-fry status to commanding the most traffic and drawing the biggest crowds. Ignition Poker is the biggest online poker site in terms of player base and active users around the clock.

It operates on the PaiWangLuo poker network, which is based in Costa Rica. The website doesn’t have a license but has won the trust and appreciation of American poker players, all the same. Reviewing services keep ranking Ignition as their top poker destination for US crowds today.

OnlinePokerAmerica.com, a leading poker news and reviewing blog, has given Ignition Poker a 4.7/5.0 rating. They cite the quick bonus clearance rate, the highest traffic available to a US poker room, and the fastest payouts for American players as the reasons why.

Is BetOnline Poker a Legitimate and Trusted U.S. Operator?

BetOnline PokerBetOnline is an old-timer, comparatively, and it’s packing a great number of poker options. The site set up shop in 2004 and it still operates out of Panama. It wasn’t until 2011 the company hosted its online poker site, BetOnline Poker, and took on the vertical with all the enthusiasm it has shown throughout the years for other segments.

BetOnline Poker runs on its own proprietary network, giving it a bit of a distinctive edge. The company’s online poker site is also licensed by the Panama Gaming Commission. But even outside this license, BetOnline tends to be a trustworthy online poker site. They, meaning the team behind the site, have managed to bring impressive overall poker traffic; the company is locked in competing for 2nd and 3rd place in terms of highest US poker traffic.

Expert online poker analyst Adam Mason has given BetOnline Poker his highest rating to date. Motivating his decision was the platform’s continuous improvement over time.

Head to Head – BetOnline Poker or Ignition Poker

There are both BetOnline Poker and Ignition Poker loyalists who swear by their brand and don’t want to hear about the other. Yet, the majority of players tend to be in the middle, considering the upsides and downsides of both online poker sites.

To be perfectly honest, there are no game-breaking disadvantages of choosing either card room. However, some players may feel more at home with certain features. There is a lot of overlap, anyway. Here are six criteria that can help you get a better picture of which poker room has what to offer.

Welcome Bonuses

BetOnline: 8/10      Ignition: 7/10

Both Ignition Poker and BetOnline Poker offer a seemingly unending variety of promotions. The welcome bonuses are tailored to the tastes of US players and they have a quick clearance rate. You can claim up to $1,000 in bonus funds when you begin; then work your way through the bonus amount gradually, claiming it based on Ignition Miles or COMP POINTS, based on the card room’s specific currency.

In real terms, Ignition allows you to clear about $1.65 bonus money per hour. In comparison, BetOnline lets you clear $2-$3 bonus money per hour. Keep in mind that these values aren’t set in stone; they reflect individual experience, although the community tends to agree.


BetOnline: 7/10      Ignition: 9/10

Traffic is another important metric when comparing online poker sites. BetOnline does pretty well, although exact numbers are elusive. Mason says BetOnline has around 400 people. Other reviewers rank BetOnline #3 in terms of overall traffic in the USA.

Conversely, Ignition Poker seems to have more traffic. It is, in fact, #1 in terms of real traffic in the United States, although information about the exact number of players tends to be a little word-of-mouth. Some forums have compared Ignition to PokerStars and 888, though, and this is definitely a good thing.

Poker Software

BetOnline: 8/10      Ignition: 7.9/10

To each their own, as they say. BetOnline and Ignition Poker are two companies that insist on getting things right. Therefore, both use powerful poker clients that allow you to either download or play instantly in your browser.

There are no real downsides to either of the clients. They pack the functionality of the root website, allowing you to play in a more immersive online poker room. Ignition used to have some problems with the software freezing in the past, possibly owing to traffic spikes, but the issue has been resolved.

Variety of Games

BetOnline: 7/10      Ignition: 6/10

Ignition Poker is a fairly single-minded card room focused on Texas Hold’em and Omaha; these are what most players want, in any event. BetOnline Poker, on the other hand, seems to think that variety can never really hurt; you get Texas Hold’em, Omaha, 7 Card Stud, Americana, and 32 Card Draw as the available poker variants there. Yet, the better part of the action definitely gravitates around Hold’em and Omaha once again.


BetOnline: 8/10      Ignition: 6.5/10

Both platforms are neck-and-neck for running the most events. This competition has been particularly useful to the community. Ignition Poker has featured Sit-and-Go Tournaments, copying the model of licensed card rooms and whipping up a bit of excitement around its products. The card room also has re-entry tournaments and big promotions such as Monster Stacks.

Meanwhile, BetOnline Poker seems to bank on variety; tournaments run around the clock, and they offer some decent events as well. BetOnline hosts the $2 Million Poker Tournament Series, an 80-event poker competition, on top of its regular tournament schedule that features up to $2.5 million in guaranteed prize pools weekly.

Deposits and Withdrawals

BetOnline: 7.5/10      Ignition: 5/10

Ignition Poker is more rigid when it comes to depositing options. The card room will ask you to deposit and withdraw with bitcoin, debit, or credit card. Here, BetOnline Poker has a clear advantage. The website features a number of cryptocurrencies besides bitcoin; it also allows you to use Money Order, Wire Transfer, Cashiers Check, Person to Person, and, naturally, credit and debit cards.


Head-to-head, both card rooms have their strengths and weaknesses. Ignition Poker and BetOnline Poker give new and established players plenty of reasons to migrate and keep an account at both card rooms. In fact, many do, and specifically to participate in the major tournaments and events, and adapt to differences in traffic at specific hours of the day.

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