Hellboy 2019 Trailer Released to Mixed Reception


Hellboy 2019 Trailer Released to Mixed Reception


Hellboy 2019 shows off its first trailer for the film. The latest remake comes almost 15 years after Guillermo Del Toro’s first Hellboy, which released in 2004.

The remake will be directed by Neil Marshall (Lost in Space, Westworld) and stars David Harbour (Black Mass, Suicide Squad) in the titular role. The film will release on April 12, 2019. 

Hellboy is Back

Hellboy 2019 is looking to bring one of the more underrated comic book characters back to the big screen. With the new trailer, plenty of fans are excited to see the return of the loud-mouthed devil with a giant fist and over-sized revolver. 

The development for the reboot has also been a difficult one. Many did not expect another Hellboy movie anytime soon. Especially since Del Toro’s push for a Hellboy 3 was scrapped disappointing fans of the previous Hellboy films:

What’s sadder is that Ron Perlman would step down the role of Hellboy; if Del Toro was not going to be involved in the film’s development. 

Fast forward to production on the film later in the year; when it was decided that the film would be a remake rather than a sequel to Del Toro’s original films. With the end of film production wrapping up in late December, people all over the internet were finally given a first look at a new Hellboy image earlier this month.

The trailer shows off plenty of the familiar mythos that people have come to love from the universe of Hellboy. From the Dark Horse comics, mythological monsters, demons, armies of undead, and witches burst into the scenes. Much of the look and the narrative has been reported to be inspired by Mike Mignola’s work in Darkness Calls, The Wild Hunt, and The Storm and the Fury.

A major change from the trailer shows the shifting of B.P.R.D.’s base of operation into Europe, after the previous films saw the agency using New York City. However, the comics have the agency headquartered primarily in Fairfield, Connecticut.

Another thing to note is the introduction of some characters making their first live debut from the comics. The cast includes Milla Jovovich as Nimue, the Blood Queen, Sasha Lane as Alice Monaghan, and Daniel Dae Kim as Ben Daimio.

With so much new and exciting coming from the trailer, what are some aspects that people are hesitant about? 


With any remake or different take on an existing piece of media, there will be a divide between fans. The trailer for Hellboy 2019 is no different. 

One critical shot comes from the look and makeup effects on Hellboy. Here’s one person’s take on it:

The latest Hellboy makeup work has a rougher and edgier take compared to the cleaner look from Del Toro’s adaptation. Maybe that is to reflect on the R rating? Some fans would disagree, as the rating is also a big point of contention.

For something that is looking to be “darker” and have horror in its tone, according to Harbour, the trailer did a less-than-stellar job in exemplifying this. In fact, there’s plenty of evidence from the trailer to suggest that Hellboy 2019 is looking to be more upfront with its humor, as well as bring plenty of gore with its new R rating.

In less than four or five seconds of some melodrama, we have several quips from Harbour’s Hellboy, hilarious scenes, and a montage of action with Billy Idol’s version of “Mony Mony” playing in the background. The shift even feels more of a departure from 2004’s Hellboy, especially when you compare its trailer that adheres to a more serious tone.

Despite the debates that come with the trailer, Hellboy 2019’s first trailer is trending, and will likely drum up more interest in both fans and those who missed the last two.

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