Hellboy leaves NY Comic Con in FLAMES


Hellboy’s back! 


Listen up, Comic Book fanatics! Still mad about the first Hellboy being far from the origins? Well, I have good news for you! The reboot is here and it basically burnt the New York Comic Con and set social media on fire. Yes, that’s right, fire! The two-minute reel sizzled the heck out of its crowd. For sure, we’ll know what sets it apart from the old one.

Spoiler Alert

Evil never looked so good.
Image: Lionsgate Entertainment

In an article by Gizmodo, writer Beth Elderkin provides a preview of the story. The scene starts as Hellboy arrives at a mass murder site. He’s screaming at the police officer that shot him. Immediately, this certain moment provides a glimpse of a young-minded Hellboy. 

The reel also shows Alice Monaghan and Ben Daimio. For those in need of refreshing, Alice Monaghan is the woman Hellboy saved as a child after an abduction by faeries. Ben Daimio, on the other hand, transforms into a horrific were-jaguar creature as a result of a curse. Together, these three work for the Bureau for Paranormal Research and Defense, or B.P.R.D. 

The moment that hyped the crowd was the scene of Hellboy coming out of a hole. With his horns all out, a flaming sword in his hand completed by a flaming crown on his head… This cemented the reboot as a success, one that people will truly anticipate on.

The Hellboy we Deserve

Mike Mignola spearheads this successful project. The new Hellboy is none other than David Harbour. Mignola is the creator of this universe. Harbour is an actor who plays many iconic roles (I’m still waiting for Stranger Things 3. Go, Chief Hopper!) that people watch to this day. These two combined forces and gave us the Hellboy much closer to the comic origins but with a twist. 

In detail, Harbour pays respect to the Perlman’s version, dubbing it “iconic”. Well, it is and both he and Mignola love and respect the original series by Guillermo Del Toro. The latter made remarks on the fairytale-like quality which brings us to the best part of the reel.

Rated R Version

Rejoice, everyone! This Hellboy is giving us a taste of hell on earth. While the original rendition is filled with the main character’s spirit being worn down by time and experience, this one is much different. For one, Harbour’s version is much younger, headstrong and isn’t one to mess with. The storyline used in this is that of Wild Hunt.

The scene that proves this will get an R-rating is when he basically blew heads off and chewed on shotgun shells.

Final Thoughts

In summary, there’s violence, many special effects and amazing things to look forward to. So Hellboy-ish! Let’s not shoot down the CGI, the amount of work that the whole crew put into it shouldn’t be dismissed for the use of needed technology. Harbour even confessed on the spot that he needed to use a prosthetic costume for the abs. So let’s not judge the reel until we see the full movie! 


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