Hellraiser #18 Cover B Review

Hellraiser #18 is the first Hellraiser comic I’ve had the pleasure of reading and I must say that I thoroughly enjoyed this book. Everything that comes from the mind of Clive Barker is bound to be intriguing to say the least and until I read it I did not realize that Clive Barker wrote it along with Mark Miller. Boom-Studios is the publisher of this series and many more great titles.

Picking up a book at issue eighteen can prove a little taxing as I am unfamiliar with the story thus far but as I am a big fan of the Hellraiser series mainly the first four movies as they were the only ones written by Barker so it wasn’t too difficult getting into this comic. The only downside is that now I want to read the other seventeen issues but unfortunately I’ve got too much on the comic book list right now and adding another series just isn’t in the cards right now but I assure you that when I’m ready to add another comic to my already extensive list then Hellraiser just may be on the list.

The story itself is very well written as it follows Pinhead who has grown bored with hell and the tortures of the Lament Configuration, the cool looking box from the movies for those of you who don’t know, anyway in order to free himself from the bonds of hell he must find a replacement who surprisingly is Kirsty Cotton who was in the first and second movies and so happens to be the only person to defeat the malevolent Cenobites. She accepts his offer and gains all of Pinheads powers and he in turn is freed. After awhile Kirsty returned to her human form and is off on a journey with a man that claims to be Leviathon made flesh. Leviathon was described in the movies as the lord of the labyrinth, a kind of overseer or ruler of hell.

This book seems to offer a more intricate telling of a story only glimpsed upon in the movies, namely the creation of Pinhead from man to demon and that for me has always been a fascinating story to say the least. The writing and the art is very dark and macabre which means they hit the nail on the head, pun intended.

As the story continues many little surprise are revealed, all in all I would have to recommend this title to any Hellraiser fan or horror fan in general. As I said before the story was written by Clive Barker and Mark Miller, the art was split up among three artist, Janusz Ordon, Jesus Hervas, and marcio Henrique.

So head on out and pick this one up, Halloween is coming up fast so these Hellraiser books fit the season.






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Mike is a construction foreman by day but at night he is either working on his art or writing for Word of the Nerd. In between he is running around Gotham wreaking havok in Arkham city or adding to his extensive comic and figure collection. Mike is a hardcore Star Wars fan who often recites lines from the movies in relation to events of everyday life and knows the Sith code as he is a dedicated fan of Star Wars novels especially when they are about Sithlords. One of Mikes philosophies is that if you aren't learning something new everyday then you're doing something wrong.

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