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Get Big Wolf on Campus to Streaming or DVD

Look, I know this is going to be a very niche little article and most people reading this have no clue what Big Wolf on Campus is. But when Brandon Quinn’s tweet popped up on my twitter feed I had to help get the word out of all the die-hard Big Wolf Fans out there! Basically, it is just a petition to get Big Wolf on Campus, a little tv show, onto a streaming platform/DVD collection.

What’s Big Wolf on Campus?

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Big Wolf on Campus

Well, my friends, Big Wolf on Campus is this little television show that aired for three seasons between 1999-2002. A show about a high school jock who gets bitten by a werewolf one night. The local high school goth kid finds out and they become best friends. They battle all kinds of silly monsters and creatures. It is all sorts of goofy fun! A show that embraces all kinds of silliness, yet has a tremendous heart. Just check out the opening theme!

Maybe it is just nostalgia taking over, but man, I remember discovering this show one day after school and just immediately falling in love! Werewolves, goofy humor, odd pop culture references, all other sorts of monsters! Was this show made specifically for me? It is wonderfully low budget and just a delight to watch. Look even if you have never seen the show just sign the petition and then you can enjoy too!

The Big Wolf Himself

Two times in the past few months my wife has been watching two different shows on Netflix and the Big Wolf himself Brandon Quinn has popped up. Both times I was all “oh snap! it is the Big Wolf himself!” with my wife giving me odd looks. This cannot be a coincidence. The timing of this and his tweet—this is a sign! We must get Big Wolf on Campus the proper treatment it deserves. No crappy bootlegs on YouTube; we want the real deal!

As I am writing this the petition only has 35 signatures. Come on, people, I need you to do this for me! Sign here.

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