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HeroesCon 2017 Creator Highlights

Scott Southall
Photo credit © Keliy Anderson-Staley

By Scott Southall

HeroesCon had its 35th anniversary this year, and I think I might keep attending it forever. I was rather late to the party when it comes to attending comic book conventions, and back in 2014, Heroes was my first. For the past 3 years now I’ve managed to walk around the Charlotte Convention Center with a press pass hung around my neck and a Polaroid Camera in my hand, but my goals remain the same: meet new artists, spend too much money on prints and commissions, and give away lots of desserts (artists are very happy when you drop dark chocolate dulce de leche brownies off at their tables.)

This year’s highlights

New artists: “New artists” is a rather broad term here. Everyone in this section is new to me, but a few people on this list were at HeroesCon for the first time, which is always an exciting prospect. You get to witness someone discover what it’s like table there for the first time, and if you get to the con early on Friday morning (which I did) you can have a conversation and get to know them a bit. I went the extra mile and got mini commissions from these first few artist.




Then there are the artists I follow online (who, in my opinion, you should also follow), or that have been recommended to me by other artists.



HeroesCon Art Auction

This was my first year attending the secondary HeroesCon activities like the Saturday Night art auction at The Westin Hotel. I don’t think I’m going to allow myself to go back to the auction for a few years because it’s way too easy to drop a few hundred on some incredible art, but this year I bought a phenomenal watercolor painting of Storm that was painted by Elliot Fernandez, and I had a nice chat with him at his table the next day. Somehow, I’d missed him last year when I was at Heroes, but I’ll definitely look out for him whenever he comes back from the Con. You can see the piece (that is waiting to be put into a frame in my room at this very moment) here.

Familiar Faces: 4 years is probably long enough to form traditions, so when I get to Heroes every year I stop by a few specific tables to see some of my favorite artists and take an updated Polaroid for the ol’ collection. In between cons, there’s no telling what can happen. Take Babs Tarr, for instance. My first HeroesCon was also her first, and back then she had some time to talk and hang out with anyone who stopped by her table (including me). Right after HeroesCon ‘14, she became the artist on the newly redesigned Batgirl, and she’s maintained an ever-growing line in front of her table every year since. We talked about this growth on the last day of the con this year, and how we both go back to simpler times. It’s always nice to remember the good old days.


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