HeroesCon 2015 – Day One


I started my first day at HeroesCon a little later than expected.  Not planning ahead is what mostly kept me from arriving until nearly 4pm.  The first day is always the least crowded and pretty laid back as a rule.  For some reason this year, there was an air of excitement and there were a lot more people there than usual.  A couple of my vendor pals commented on how busy they had been for a first day.

Day one is always my busiest day.  It is my first opportunity to walk around mostly unencumbered to talk with creators, vendors and visit with friends.  However this year, my first day will always be remembered as most of my most embarrassing moments of my life.

Babs Tarr
For reference, this is Babs Tarr

I have been really psyched to meet and hopefully get to interview Babs Tarr.  Batgirl is one of my favorite comics and her art and redesign of the character has been incredible.  As soon as I walked onto the con floor, I headed immediately to her booth to try to arrange an interview.  Being a fan of Babs Tarr’s work doesn’t necessarily mean I know her on sight.  In my line of work however, that is not an excuse.  I stepped up to her booth, no line…no one around at all, I was giddy.  I have seen only one picture of Babs, once about a year ago.  I knew she had blonde hair from the picture I saw…and that is it.  So I knew I would have to rely on the fact it would be her sitting at the booth.  I was however tragically wrong and mistook her assistant as her.  EMBARRASSING!

I tried to talk my way out of it but a bystander suddenly laughed out loud at me which really didn’t do much to restore my self-esteem.  I meekly pulled out a business card, explained who I was and asked if I could arrange an interview with Babs.  Her assistant, was mostly immune to my humor and would not allow me to recover from my faux pas.  So I tried to gather up what was left of my dignity and carry on like a professional.  Even now I do not know if I was successful.

Later in the day I was able to meet and talk with Babs about the interview and she agreed IF her booth wasn’t busy.  We agreed that on Sunday I would check back with her.  I tried to admit my complete and utter stupidity when talking with her, but I do not think I scored ANY points.  With a little bit of luck, on Sunday I will be able to have a quick interview with Babs.

I don’t think I have fully recovered by dignity several hours later.  One of my creator friends Bridgit Connell took some pity on me for being an imbecile and tried to reassure me.  Let’s just hope that Babs will also take pity on this poor and hungry reporter.

I have some other potential interviews lined up with a couple of big names and in the interest of not jinxing myself, I will keep those names a secret for now.  Let’s just say at this point, day one at HeroesCon could have gone better for me.  I did try to bury my sorrows with some retail therapy in hopes it would mask the pain.

This particular situation has taught be some very valuable lessons that I will without fail apply in the future.  The least of which is do my damn homework and be prepared.


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