HeroesCon 2015 – Day Two


Another busy and fun-filled day for yours truly at HeroesCon 2015.  For those who have never heard of HeroesCon or don’t know that much about it, it is one of the premiere conventions on the East Coast almost entirely dedicated to comic books.  If you are a comic book junkie or a sketch hound or just want to get to meet all kinds of comic book writers and artists, then HeroesCon is right up your alley.  I have attended this even in several capacities over the years, as a fan, as a volunteer and as a member of the press.  This is the convention I look forward to attending each year.  One because I love meeting creators and that it is only 25 minutes from where I live…it’s a huge advantage believe me.

HeroesCon 2015 convention floor
This view is almost god-like. MY PEOPLE!!!!!!

Day two for me is my day to schmooze with creators and vendors.  As founder and CEO of Word of the Nerd I am ALWAYS looking to get our name out there as well as help indie creators do the same.  The big guys have multi-million dollar companies helping them along and although I do enjoy meeting them, it is a lot of fun and rewarding to meet indie creators.  The passion that they have for their projects can be electric.  Getting a chance to stand and talk with them is so rewarding for me.  Today I met a lot of great and talented writers and artists.  Going from table to table getting to know people, sharing stories, hearing about their projects, there is no other place I’d rather be.  HeroesCon is the best convention I have ever attended that truly nurtures creators of all types.

Today didn’t start out as productive as I would have liked.  A great deal of my morning was spent trying to find a parking space near the convention.  It was a record-breaking day for attendance this year and although Charlotte, NC is more than capable of handling an event such as this, parking was a challenge for me today.  I made the best of it, eating lunch while I went from lot to lot finally ending up in my old faithful parking garage.  Never underestimate the power of habitual behavior…it would have saved me a lot of time today if I hadn’t gotten cocky.

THE highlight of the day was meeting with Skottie Young.  Although he wasn’t able to sit down for an interview, he was most gracious and apologetic for not having time.  This was my first time meeting him and I must say he was awesome.  Never ceasing to get a fist bump from every kid that came to his table.

Skottie Young
Proof that I met Skottie Young

I was also fortunate enough to watch a screening of a documentary about the man behind HeroesCon and owner of Heroes Aren’t Hard To Find, Shelton Drum.  The forty minute plus documentary was made during the 2012 convention and gives you a look at what it takes to put together HeroesCon each year.  2o12 was the 30th anniversary of the convention and to celebrate and commemorate the event, the man himself Stan Lee made an appearance.  Ironically Stan Lee also attended this year, the first since 2012.  The documentary starred not only Shelton Drum himself, but also some big names in the comic industry as well as current and former employees of Heroes Aren’t Hard To Find.

Shelton Drum
Shelton Drum, founder of HeroesCon

The day seemed to fly by and before I was able to sit down and catch my breath, it was over.   But before we were all whisked out the door, I was able to sit and chat for a few minutes with Christine Skelly, the artist behind the indie comic Mt. Olyphant.  The eight issue mini-series is about a guy who wakes up in a psych ward to find it is staffed by the Greek Gods.  Christine took the time to tell me about the book she illustrates, written by Jake Ziemba.  She was also kind to answer some more questions about other interesting topics.  The complete interview with Christina will be posted soon.  The second issue of Mt. Olyphant is due this August in a limited printing.  You can check out the first issue on their website and make sure to follow them on Facebook to get more updates.

Christine Skelly
Christine Skelly, the artist of Mt. Olyphant

Check back tomorrow for my update on the final day of HeroesCon 2015 and check out my Day One recap here.


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