Hey DC! Can’t Vixen Heal Herself?


You folks know Vixen right? The lady in the orange outfit with the animal powers in the Justice League? She can mimic the abilities of creatures in the animal kingdom, INCLUDING reptiles, who can heal from their physical injuries. (You know, like regrowing limbs and stuff).

And we’ve seen her do it in the Justice League Unlimited cartoon.

Check out this clip from the episode “Wake the Dead” and pay close attention to it from 1:12 to 1:20. She summons reptile abilities to heal a broken arm.



Vixen can activate her own healing factor when she needs to.

Which is why I was scratching my head yesterday reading Justice League International #10. In it, poor Vixen is recuperating in a hospital bed after injuries she received from an explosion way back in issue #6. It’s been said that she may never walk again.

But, like, if she can HEAL herself and stuff, shouldn’t she just be able to repair her legs and spine and be back in fighting shape? Do the comic book Vixen’s powers work differently than the cartoon one’s do? I wouldn’t think they do, so, honestly…

What are the DC editors smoking? Don’t they have people to like, CHECK on this sh!t or something? This is like Marvel forgetting that the Hulk is bulletproof, or that Dr. Strange knows how to cast spells. I’ll bet you won’t catch DC forgetting about Superman and kryptonite, or that Wonder Woman’s lasso makes people tell the truth.

So why did they forget about poor Vixen’s healing abilities? Can’t a sistah get some love in the New 52 relaunch?

Baby girl should be leaping out of that hospital bed and doing flips by now. *sigh* How much do they pay these people to edit this stuff? Someone needs to be DISCIPLINED for this kind of slip up, dammit!

Oh well, at least she’s not dead. Poor Rocket Red. (They offed his a$$ in issue #7). So I’m sure we’ll see Vixen running around eventually.

I hope.

This article’s original version was published on Superheroes are Awesome on June 7, 2012.

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