High Moon Reveals New Monkey Business

High Moon Studios, the developer best known for their very well done treatment of the Transformers IP with their recent Transformers: War for Cybertronhave announced a new release slated for 2013 with this teaser image.

For those of you who aren’t familiar with this particular IP, Hit Monkey is a Marvel comic that tells the story of a Japanese Macaque who learns to become an assassin through watching a human hitman his tribe allowed to live with them to heal. The hitman trained every day, knowing that he would eventually be attacked again. The macaque that would become Hit Monkey distrusted the assassin, and when his health began to fail, the rest of the tribe tried to heal him. He attacked the rest of the tribe with his new skills and was exiled for his troubles, and dedicated his life to killing other assassins.

If this premise sounds just a little bit ridiculous to you, that’s because the character was created and written by Daniel Way, the creative voice behind the character of Deadpool, and in fact, the monkey assassin is featured in several issues of the current Deadpool run in which Wade Wilson teams up with Spider-Man to fight Hit Monkey.

High Moon Studios garnered fan acclaim with Transformers: War for Cybertron game released a couple of years back. Fans loved the respect that the studio treated the IP with and this has generated no small amount of buzz for the forthcoming Fall of Cybertron and the news of this game. Time will only tell.

There are precious few details about the game beyond the teaser image and the release date, but you can keep an eye on the game’s website for more details. And of course, keep your eyes on Word of the Nerd Online.

We’re interested to hear your thoughts on this game. Is this a good idea? Does it sound like they could make something out it? Or does this sound like a one-trick pony of a project? Sound off and let us know.

Source: Game Informer – High Moon and Marvel Team Up for Hit Monkey

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