Highest Grossing Comic Books of the Modern Age


There is simply no disputing the fact that comic books are still a favorite pastime of many. It is true that Marvel has failed to adapt over the years, but there is also no denying the fact that they have created some of the most iconic characters and series ever. While their movies are still grossing millions, their comics have seen a steady decline. All that aside, the comic book world is still a pretty lucrative one. Take a look at some of today’s biggest modern-era comic books and you won’t have any choice but to agree.

Highest Grossing Comic Books Of The Modern AgeSpawn in 1992

Spawn might not be around much anymore, but there is no denying that he made an impact. This comic came at a time when the comic books world needed something new and innovative. And they got just that in the form of Image Comics. Spider-Man was a huge hit, just coming off its successful 1990s run, but when Todd McFarlane teamed up with other creators to form Image Comics, this is when great things began to unfold, and they first unfolded in the form of Spawn. The number one edition of this comic book sold right around 1.7 million copies.

Superman: Man of Steel in 1991

The number 22 edition of this comic sold right around 1.71 million comics in the year of 1991. This was also a comic book that came at a crucial time in the Superman series. You have to remember that this comic was part of that “Reign of the Superman” series. This was a time when the real Superman was dead and there were four other replacements competing for the job. The comic book has probably still got to be one of the most popular out of the entire series to this very day.

Spider-Man in 1990

This number one edition comic book came at a time before Spawn was introduced to the world. In fact, it was exactly two years before Spawn made his way to the comic book world. Todd McFarlane was brought on by Marvel to take control of a brand-new Spider-Man title. And he did just that. The impact that this comic had on the comic book world will never be forgotten, as this launched a whole new series that is still grossing millions of dollars today in the box offices. This comic book sold 2.5 million copies, which was more than Spawn’s first edition, and it was 2 years earlier.

Highest Grossing Comic Books Of The Modern AgeSuperman 1987

Anyone that gambles regularly at online casino joker123 giant probably isn’t surprised to see Superman on this list again. Superman is, without a doubt, one of the most iconic characters to ever grace the pages. And that much is evident with this comic book. This very book alone was the one that started the collector mentality of the ’90s. This was a trend that nearly broke the industry. This was the 75th edition of the series and it will be the most memorable one ever. The creators chose to kill off one of the most iconic superheroes of all time. Of course, he returned a year later, but the initial death had an impact on the comic book world that will never be forgotten. This book sold 3 million copies.

X-Force In 1992

Who would have ever thought that a Rob Liefeld creation would be one of the biggest selling comic books ever? A lot of people still can’t believe it, but there is no denying that some of this success can be attributed to X-Men. X-Men at the time was widely popular and highly grossing. X-Force was pretty much just a gritter and rougher version of X-Men, so why wouldn’t fans love it? It was a genre that was already glowing hot and now you add a dirtier version to it. Of course, it is going to sell. This is why Beavis and Butt-Head sold. The number one edition of this comic book sold 5 million copies.

X-Men In 1991

Speaking of X-Men, there has probably never been an artist that was hotter than Jim Lee. Today he might be the head of DC, but during his time his work was nearly invaluable. Every artist wanted to emulate him and the fans couldn’t get enough of his work. This much was evident when his number one edition sold over 7 million copies. In fact, it sold a record 7.1 million copies.

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