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Hopes for a Breath of the Wild Sequel

Legend of Zelda Breath of the Wild 2 - E3

What Do We Want from a Breath of the Wild Sequel?

Now, I know I’ve said before that Breath of the Wild is perfect and wonderful and I loved every second of it (except the three hours it took to kill the Molduga). But, with news out of E3 2019 that there’s going to be a sequel, I have some hopes, dreams, and of course, requests.  

More Outfits

Every day is a fashion show, and every road is a runway. One of my favorite aspects of Breath of the Wild is the mix-and-match opportunities. Sure, I know full outfit sets give you certain abilities, raise certain stats, or protect you from the elements. But on the flip side, I can make Link run around in his pajamas. I can put him in short shorts, no shirt, and a little beret. I can put him in a crop top and no shoes. The possibilities are endless already, but what could a sequel offer us in terms of fashion? I’ll tell you what: separate shoes. That’s right, I want to turn Breath of the Wild 2 into a full-blown Barbie dress-up game. Let me put Link in boots that aren’t connected to pants already.  Bring back the Iron Boots. Maybe some sandals. Let me have Link barefoot for the entire game. I have needs, Nintendo.

Let Me Keep All My Rideable Animals

Okay, so boarding a bear at the horse stables isn’t exactly practical, but what about my own pride? A deer is basically a horse, right? If I go through the pain and suffering of capturing these magnificent beasts, I want to be able to name them and keep them. Anyone can have a horse, but who else in Hyrule can ride around on a moose? Another thing, Nintendo: if I’ve got myself a bone horse, I want to keep it. Make it disappear in the morning, whatever, have it crumble to dust underneath me when the sun rises, but I want it waiting for me at the last stable the second the sun sets. How else am I going to make the joke of naming a dead horse Spirit: Stallion of the Sin-erron?

Putting Hyrule Back Together, at Least for a Little Bit

Like a good number of players, I was a tad disappointed there wasn’t any playable post-game content. What I really wanted was to explore the newly liberated Hyrule, to go over my old paths free of monsters. While literally not the point of a video game, I feel it would’ve been nice for a Legend of Zelda game to finally have some post-game content. Zelda games in the past end so abruptly, after you defeat whatever iteration of Ganon you’re up against, that there’s really no time to bask in your victory, or see what the world is like post-Ganon. This is a good opportunity for sidequests, helping Zelda put Hyrule back to rights, helping out in Kakariko Village and Hateno Village, cleaning up Hyrule Castle and the Temple of Time. We could introduce gardening and let Link have a little plot in his yard. I just really want my lil’ champion safe and happy in post-game, okay? 

Let Me Fix ALL My Weapons

I want to be able to march on into any number of blacksmiths and have them repair my weapons! Not just the champion weapons, all my weapons. I want to be able to learn skills that allow me to repair my weapons myself. If Link can learn to cook, he can learn to fix a sword. If he can stop to eat in the middle of a battle, he can sit himself down and repair a bow in the middle of a battle, too. 

Multiplayer Sidequests

Breath of the Wild
My pal Sidon

When I say “multiplayer”, I mean I want Sidon to come with me on an adventure. I mean I want more quests like the Divine Beast first stage, where the descendants come with you and help you out. Imagine that but on just a regular quest. Something that takes longer than shooting arrows at a big mechanical elephant. The champion descendants are such interesting characters and I wanted to interact with them more. After you defeat their respective Divine Beasts, you can’t really hang out with them anymore. What I’m looking for in the sequel are additional quests with the descendants, multi-step adventures in which Link just gets to hang out with his friends. 

Secrets, Mysteries, and Puzzles Inside Hyrule Castle

If there was one thing Breath of the Wild was good at, it was puzzles. Probably too good, in some cases (I’m looking at you, Champion’s Ballad). While Hyrule Castle was already basically a maze, I think some puzzles and mysteries inside a newly restored Hyrule Castle would be intriguing as part of a sequel. Maybe even some clues in the Temple of Time to lead you through Hyrule Castle. I’m just spitballing; who knows what’s going to happen to the castle, or the temple. 

From what I’ve seen in the first-look trailer, it seems like there’s something underneath Hyrule Castle, and Link and Zelda stumble upon it while exploring. Are we dealing with more Ganon? A lich? One of the monks? Or something completely new? I will say, I like the idea of exploring underneath Hyrule Castle with Zelda, as it seems like it’ll give her a bigger role in the games that she usually doesn’t have. Going underground seems like a good move, as it gives us new terrain instead of rehashing the old map and calling it a new game. Also, I like Zelda’s haircut. 

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