Horizon Zero Dawn Release Date and Overview

Playstation 4 players rejoice! The long-awaited Horizon Zero Dawn finally has a release date and a new gameplay trailer. Announced at E3 (read our entire Sony recap here), Sony revealed that Horizon Zero Dawn will be released on February 28th, 2017.

Game Creators  

Horizon Zero Dawn is an open world Adventure/RPG from Guerrilla Games. You may know Guerrilla Games for their FPS Killzone game series. The company is also releasing RIGS Mechanized Combat League. Unlike Killzone, Horizon Zero Dawn brings Guerrilla Games into the arena of fantasy gaming. 

Horizon Zero Dawn Gameplay 

From the first gameplay trailer released back in 2015, it’s clear that Horizon Zero Dawn presents a breathtaking environment. Set in a post-apocalyptic world where tribal-type communities must survive by fighting against mechanized dinosaur like hybrids known as “The Masters” that now rule the world. 

In the game, you play as a huntress Aloy. Though the initial gameplay trailer elicited some negative response from some players who felt they couldn’t identify with a female game protagonist, such comments are easily dismissed simply by watching any of the game’s trailers. Since the 2015 trailer, it has been clear that Horizon Zero Dawn is a prime example of how a console game can easily stand up to it’s PC counterparts. 

This year’s E3 trailer gives us is a more in-depth look at the world and learn more about Aloy’s purpose. In the new 8:37 gameplay trailer, we see Aloy’s weapon abilities, need for careful decision-making, and how valuable the mobs can be to her own survival. She is able to craft traps, use ranged and melee weapons. In the face of danger, Aloy is determined to save the lives of others while uncovering the secrets of how her world came to exist in it’s current state. 


From the stunning graphics to the seemingly generous world map and the refreshing mobs, Horizon Zero Dawn looks to be a promising addition to the Playstation 4 family. 

This Playstation exclusive title is available for pre-order through the Playstation website. For more information on Sony’s other E3 2016 announcements, check out our Sony E3 Recap.

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