Hot Rod Confirmed For New Transformers Film

unicron-megatron-184357The Transformers Movie Franchise is working on a fifth and possibly final installment, Transformers: The Last Knight. Veteran Transformer fans will always look for the classic characters to appear in the films, as well as how much of the lore the writing team will adhere to. So far, they have heard the pleading and gave us the imagery and story that would not only bring back the nostalgia from the classic series, but also introduce a new generation to the wonder of the endless battle between the Autobots and Deceptions.


transformers-the-last-knight-banner-poster-193087What Is Being Hinted At reports images have been released for the upcoming movie, and the latest addition to the teaser train is the design for Hot Rod, one of the more well known classic Autobots. He is described as brash, yet protective, and the Brother-In-Arms of Bumblebee. speculates that this reveal is an indicator that we might be seeing Unicron appear in the films. The appearance of Megatron is also another clue to his presence in The Last Knight. Unicron is known as the bot whose proportions allow him to devour whole planets, as well as rebuild wounded bots. If he is indeed our primary villain, our protagonists are in for a tough battle. The dinosaurs from Age Extinction opened a door for the writers to introduce a variety of bots, and the possibility of other non-humanoid bots have been teased in the early movie posters.

What To Expect

Not much information is available for the cast, however we do see the return of a few cast members from Age of Extinction, such as Mark Wahlberg, Tyrese Gibson, and Josh Duhamel. The surviving Autobots team is also back. Since the Decepticons were defeated, there is no confirmation as it if any of Megatron’s team will appear.

Transformers: The Last Knight is set to release June 2017 during the summer blockbuster season.

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