How are Us Men Supposed to Save, and then Get Off With Women if They All Start Kicking Ass for Themselves?

Damsels #1 Cover by J. Scott Campbell

Wonderwomen, Bat Girl, Super Girl, Emma Frost, Miss Marvel, She Hulk, Princess Fiona, Red Sonja, That chick out of Witchblade, they’re all bloody at it.

Once upon a time it was simple. Baddy causes trouble, kidnaps helpless attractive lady, strapping young man hero saves the day, gets off with the girl and everything is right with the world. But now it’s not as simple as that. Now when a baddy emerges it is more than likely that the first punch in the face he will receive will be from a hot lady!

Adding to this menagerie of female warriors for justice and turning some of the worlds most well-known damsels in distress in to ass kicking heroes is Damsels #1 from Dynamite Publishing.




Writers Leah Moore and John Reppion said of their new series:-

We are thoroughly enchanted to be working on such a spellbinding series. It’s fantastic fun for us as writers to be able to play with characters and concepts that are familiar, but then put our own Moore & Reppion style spin on things. Yes, there are Damsels and yes, there will be plenty of distress, but nothing is how it seems, and there is brutal action and weird surprises at every turn. We have had so much fun writing this, and we are so pleased with the art team Dynamite have set us up with. We can’t wait to see it in print.














This new comic series brings together such fairy tale heavyweights as Cinderella, Sleeping Beauty, The Little Mermaid, and Snow White and forces these once helpless maidens to take up arms and fight! In the mountain city of Caumont, Rapa is having a hell of a day. Until now, and unbeknown to her, her life has seemingly lacked any kind of direction, until events unfold to halt any direction what so ever. Hazy memories and some bewildering tattoos are all the help she has as she attempts to make sense of all the obstacles in her path as well as a series peculiar encounters. All of this at a time when Caumont is busier than ever due to celebrations over the arrival of Queen Talia and King Aurore of Perrault, even though no one is sure why they are celebrating or who the couple are and Rapa wishes she had never even bothered getting out of bed! And that’s just Damsels #1!!!!

Dynamite Publisher Nick Barrucci got behind the creative team:-

We’ve been talking about Damsels for a long time internally, and trying to figure out who the best writers would be. Leah and John were at the top of the list, but they had taken a break from comics.  Debating who to approach, we followed up with Leah and John to see if they would script once time freed up.  They said yes.  It was the best decision for the comic. Get ready for one hell of a ride.  Not every fairy tale has a happy ending.














Look for Damsels #1 in September!

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