How Japanese Anime Became World Famous



Japanese anime has become part of everyone’s lives, including teens and young adults alike. As part of the culture of the Land of the Rising Sun, television animation invaded the world in the early 20th century. It made a massive wave in the global scene with colorful graphics, amazing themes, and lively characters connecting with humanity. 

The first anime was produced in the early 1900s from strips of caricature stenciled on celluloid. Fifty framed old pieces of artwork were discovered in 2005 and are believed to have been one of the first anime to appear in Japan. Japanese anime not only gives us a glimpse of the culture of the country but also provides us with lessons, unexpectedly teaching us.

A Brief Look at the History of Japanese Anime

How Japanese Anime Came to Life and Became World Famous
Star Blazers was first broadcast in the United States in 1979

There were a few surviving remnants of the old Japanese caricature, though they were not on television yet. The first ones appeared somewhere from 1907 to 1911, with strips of characters created by the fathers of the genre. Seitaro Kitayama, Ōten Shimokawa, and Jun’ichi Kōuchi were the first artists to develop the pieces of cartoons for commercial purposes.

Though few of the early works of the anime fathers survived, they made an impact on how this animation genre became part of the Japanese culture. One such work turned up in an antique shop in Kyoto. This was the classic Namakura Gatana, a four-minute clip of a samurai with a blunt sword and his adventures.

Classic Japanese anime started in 1917, which started the rise of the animation genre. These days, there are more than 400 studios in Japan and other parts of the world, offering works and anime-inspired animations for avid fans. The anime landscape has also diversified from comic celluloid staples and television series, to become part of the gaming world.

How Anime Became Popular Around the World

How Japanese Anime Came to Life and Became World Famous
Dragon Ball Z was broadcast in at least 81 countries worldwide.

Japanese anime has captured the imagination of many people from all walks of life. It would be unusual for a child or young adult not to encounter a running series on television these days. The animation genre has become an entrenched part of everyone’s growing-up years.

The likes of Pokemon, Dragon Ball Z, Naruto, and many others have been embraced by almost every nation. So, how did Japanese anime become a popular memory of everyone’s childhood?

Most anime has a universal appeal regardless of your cultural background, age, race, and socioeconomic status, to start. People can also identify with a character that gives the whole genre a different level of allure.

And not only that, but Japanese anime provides a suitable aesthetic with a surreal approach. It often conveys scenarios that we may have encountered. Fantasy anime, though it may have some elements of make-believe and illusion, always has a touch of humanity to it. The beauty and subtle balance of reality and imagination make anime appealing to many people around the world.

Learn Life Lessons From Anime

One of the unspoken reasons why Japanese anime became so popular is because of the hidden messages that are subtly conveyed within a series. Most often, they contain bits and pieces of Japanese ideology, the creator’s hopes and dreams, and the country’s convictions and assumptions.

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