How Pokemon Become the Best Selling Game Ever

By Amanda Braun

There is no need to tell you that Pokemon is one game that is known across the planet and is definitely the most popular, period. The game is so addictive that many gamers changed platforms and purchased new devices in order to be able to play a new sequel. But, these are well-known facts we all know. What’s more interesting is how the game became the best-selling development ever. And now, we will answer this question.

It Was Launched at the Right Moment

How Pokemon Become the Best Selling Game EverThe first game of the franchise, Pokemon Red and Green was launched in 1996, and soon after the launch, it became the best-selling game. This version was available for the Game Boy device. This is the first reason the game became so popular. Back in a time when Game Boy was paired with games such as Tetris and similar, simple games, Pokemon presented a whole new world.

Now gamers were able to explore the world, to play with various characters and also to level up. These features were more important than you may believe and they are also important for the purpose of this article. We will explain them later on. Anyway, these days millions of players download Pokemon ROMs due to the same reasons as the first players in the ’90s. These games are addictive.

Offered New Features

With the first version of the game and afterward, all Pokemon games had the same advantages. They offered players the ability to collect various characters to level up and to defeat others. All of this meant that gaming was more linked to the gamers and richer in all aspects you may be interested in. In simple terms, Pokemon games were the first of their kind; they made gaming more advanced, sophisticated and more appealing than any other game in the past.

These features are responsible for the fact the game was sold in over 350 million copies and over 1 million downloads on smartphones. This soon became the best-selling game of all time and developers realized that there is a huge potential. The Pokemon Company is actually a cooperation between Creatures, Game Freak and Nintendo brands. All of the three are massive, multi-billion companies that make stunning games and creations in general. But, they are best known for the Pokémon franchise.

Constant Development and Improvement

How Pokemon Become the Best Selling Game EverAfter the first launch of the game, the company realized the full potential. Soon they started upgrading the game and developing new versions. This lasts even today, and each new version of the game was able to provide a detailed and deep story, plenty of new characters and almost-countless new features and options. All combined, the games are able to meet the expectations of the gamers and to provide the right ingredients all players need and want.

The secret behind the covers is simple. The game has unlimited possibilities. Developers were, and still are, able to exploit those possibilities and to improve the overall gameplay. There are a lot of new Pokemons that can be added to a game and the total count cannot be estimated. There are countless worlds developers can create, so exploration and leveling will be used to the maximum as well.

The Final Word 

Pokemon games are popular due to 3 main ingredients. The first version was launched at the right moment, the gaming was completely new, and there are new upgrades and features added to every new version of the game. As such, the game has to be the best-selling of all time and it will remain in this position indefinitely.

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