How to Make Money While Playing Video Games


Want To Make Playing Video Games A Career?


If you love playing video games during your free time, then you’d be ecstatic to get the opportunity to earn money while playing them. Although the road ahead isn’t easy, due to technological advancements, there are more opportunities than ever that allow you to make money through playing video games. While you can make money selling League of Legends accounts, these usually don’t have a lot of earning potential, and that’s why this article will talk about the most prominent ones, your path to make a living doing it, and the disadvantages that come with it.

Live Streaming

Live streaming has become extremely popular recently. Ever since a few YouTubers and Twitch streamers became popular worldwide, more and more people are starting to realize there is a legitimate path for gamers to earn a living. Playing video games live or recording their playthrough and uploading it to the internet.

The Advantages of Choosing This Path

  • There’s no ceiling on how much you make – you can expand your brand and come up with novel ways of marketing yourself, which can boost your income and make you famous. You’re only limited by your own imagination and luck.
  • You don’t have a boss telling you what to do, and you have no set schedule forcing you to work a certain time of day. You can come up with a setup that works for you.
  • Although not entirely positive, you can become a public figure – which means you’ll get invited to all sorts of events around the world and you’ll have a fanbase loyal to you and your brand.

The Disadvantages

  • This line of work doesn’t guarantee a stable income by any means. You’ll have to depend on fickle platforms like YouTube and Twitch to make a living, and an algorithm change or a ban can result in you losing all of your revenue streams. Not to mention, you’ll become a public figure of sorts – any story damaging to your character coming out won’t only be totally embarrassing, but it’ll result in a lot of backlash from your fans and viewers. All of these variables result in this job being quite a risky venture that you either should only attempt as a part-time job or not at all.
  • The market is oversaturated and there are a lot of livestreamers trying to earn a profit already, and if you want to get in the game, you must have a plan and a way to differentiate yourself from the rest. This means that your chances of success aren’t high, and you must work hard, in the beginning, trying to establish yourself.

Competitive Gaming

A recent study shows that competitive gaming competitions might become as popular and generate as much revenue as regular sporting events – this is an important milestone for competitive gaming, considering that just 10 years ago the genre was virtually nonexistent. If you have the necessary skills in one of the competitive games with a large following, you’ll get a chance to join famous teams with multi-million dollar contracts.

The Advantages of Going Pro

  • A good contract with a lot of benefits is highly likely once you achieve a certain status – this means you’ll be able to participate in tournaments regularly, get paychecks on time, and stop worrying about your financial status. This stability is rare in these kinds of jobs, and that’s what makes it a huge positive for competitive gaming.
  • While becoming a livestreamer can be fun, it is often a job you’ll be performing alone. Most competitive games require teamwork and constant communication, and if you want to feel like you’re part of something bigger, this will be more appealing to you.
  • Professional gaming competitions are slowly becoming very similar to sports competitions, and this means you’ll have a lot more avenues through which you can expand and make money – be it participating in ads, sponsoring new game releases, talking about how to become a pro, etc.

The Disadvantages 

  • Becoming a pro is by no means easy – not only does it take an innate amount of talent to break out from the mold, but you also need a lot of training and research to be able to make a name for yourself online. If you don’t see yourself sitting down and playing long sessions of a game just to win, then you’re probably not cut out to be a competitive gamer.

Some games have been having worldwide competitive tournaments for decades. Games like League of Legends have had a strong competition scene since their release, and by buying a League of Legends smurfs EU West account, you can be a part of a game that will probably stay relevant for another decade, at least. However, most games famous for their competitive tournaments stay relevant only for a couple of years, and then the community will largely move away to a new game. Although luckily, your skills will transfer to the new games, this also means you have to be ready to move away from the games you’re best at when the market stops existing for them.

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