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How to Spookify Top 25 Superhero Costumes


How to Spookify These Top Superhero Costumes for Halloween

Okay, so, I very intelligently googled top superhero costumes for Halloween and wouldn’t you know Men’s Health had a list of the top 25 superhero Halloween costumes for 2019! You know, the thing you look for in Men’s Health. Anyway, dressing up as a superhero is awesome for Halloween, but maybe you want to be a little “spooky” as well, so I, Brent Jackson, am going to help you spookify these top 25 superhero costumes that Men’s Health has so graciously listed for us. Follow along by clicking the link above or just click here! (Link should open in a separate tab.)


superhero costumes spookified
It’s Six-armed Spider-Man! Don’t do drugs, kids.

So, Spider-Man tops the list, and they didn’t make it easy for me. It is the classic red Spider-Man costume and, I mean, who really doesn’t want to be Spider-Man? But how do you make it scary? Well, my friends, I got a quick, easy fix for ya and comic book accurate as well. You can find all kinds of different severed limb props around Halloween; buy four arms attach them to the costume, you got yourself six-armed Spider-Man! You will look scary with the extra arms and impress any comic book nerds at the Halloween party.


Well, I guess with Spider-Man: Far From Home being a big hit, I shouldn’t be surprised Mysterio is on here, but second? Come on, this is a rough one, but I am up for the challenge! So, apparently you can buy this costume on Amazon and the fishbowl head is frosted so you can see inside and out of it. Buy a simple skull mask. Now you look like a skeleton in a crappy Mysterio costume—scary and funny! You are welcome!

Black Panther

What in the crap, Men’s Health, how am I supposed to make this costume scary? Come on, throw me a bone here! Okay, calm down, I got this! Okay, first thing about this costume: it doesn’t have gloves, so no claws. You are going to want to rectify that with some black gloves and some kind of claws. Then we are going to need some props, fake blood, and a backstory. So, buy yourself a zombie head, cover the costume in fake blood. Carry around the zombie head, and when people ask, zombies have invaded Wakanda! Cross arms while holding zombie head; scream “Wakanda Forever!”.


Okay, this one is a little bit simpler, but we can go hardcore as well. Since the face is exposed, just get some vampire teeth, a little blood dripping from the mouth. Maybe some makeup to make the skin exposed look deathly white and you got yourself a vampire Batman. If you want to go hardcore buy some of these giant batwings and you got a mix between Batman and Manbat!


So, this is the point where I realize I have twenty more of these to go. So you’re definitely going to want to ditch that crappy wig. Nobody wants that. We are going Thor: Ragnarok style with the hair. This is another one you are going to need some props and a backstory. Fake body, entrails blood. You are War Thor back from one of his countless battles, with his enemies’ blood strewn about him. I am sure you can find some fake entrails and such to really sell the look!

Green Lantern

superhero costumes spookified
“Evil” Green Lantern Hal Jordan – Parallax

Okay, number one, I refuse to believe that in 2019 this is even in a top 25 popular costumes; somebody done just put together a random list. But it says this was published Jun 28, 2019, so here we go. You are just going to have to go around explaining yourself with this one. But buy some big winged shoulder pads and a long cape, maybe some sharp fake teeth. You are Green Lantern as Parallax. Yeah, nobody is going to get it, but if they stick around long enough for you to explain yourself it will be spooky enough. I mean, you are the one that picked Green Lantern; I am just trying to help you out here.


Note this is the “deluxe” version of the Ant-Man costume, so who knows what the other version looks like? Probably pretty crappy, by the looks of it. Okay, anyway, pretty simple fix to spookify this. Ditch the mask. Yeah, I know it is the only part of the costume that looks good. Buy an ant mask or some other bug head! Kind of a play on The Fly, but with Ant-Man.


Okay, I got this one, easy, and it can be super relevant to current comics. In the newest Batman/Superman comic, they are battling the Batman Who Laughs, and Superman has been “infected” and turned into the Superman Who Laughs… or has he? Anyway, basically just paint some classic Joker makeup and you are set to go! Creepy and comic book accurate as well.

Iron Man

I thought this would be a hard one, but as I thought about it, super simple. Take off the mask; it looks terrible anyway. You are going to need to do some makeup work, but with Tony’s dramatic death in Avengers: Endgame you are Zombie Iron Man. For bonus points make or shell out the cash for an Iron Man infinity gauntlet.


superhero costumes spookified
Feral Wolverine with bone claws. Ow.

Okay, #1, ain’t no way this costume cost $99! #2, I dressed up as Wolverine as a kid in the ’90s and it was terribly disappointing. The costume came with the smallest adamantium “claws” ever. How am I supposed to be all “snikt! berserker rage!” with baby butter knives attached to my hands? Oh, and the “abs” for the costume just made me look like a small tubby Wolverine. So, hopefully, this costume does better, but let’s make it a little scary. First, no matter what, those claws are going to suck, so it’s Halloween, we should be able to find something that looks like Wolverine’s classic “bone claws”. Next, add some fake sharp teeth a little blood, rip up the costume some and you got yourself bone claw, feral Wolverine!


All right, Men’s Health, you are stretching the term “superhero” and making this whole thing extremely difficult with this pick. I am not a Transformers aficionado. Now, if we are talking Transformers: Beast Wars, then we have something to talk about. Okay, back to making this terrible costume scary. All right, fake hair sticking out of costume, lots of blood and guts spread all over the costume. Backstory, Bumblebee transformed with its poor passenger inside; oops!


Finally, a crazy easy one. Okay, just take off the mask, add lots of makeup scars, basically Deadpool and his jacked-up face, you get it! What you are really going to want to do is ditch those little sais this costume comes with. Those things look terrible! Can we just stop here? Okay, no, let’s keep going.


From crazy easy to another hard one. Really should have stopped at Deadpool. First, this actually doesn’t look terrible from the picture; pretty accurate from the Netflix show for $49! But you and I both know that this thing probably looks horrendous in person. But how do you make Daredevil scary? Okay, so, hear me out on this one. Since you can only see the chin and lips with the mask, paint your face a bright red, add a little devil’s tail out the back and ditch the billy-clubs for a pitchfork. I know, not totally original, but now you are a literal Dare-Devil. I’ll see myself out!


So, this is the Jason Momoa Aquaman with tattoos and all! Hey, and another terrible wig! You could just add a prop spear hand and be spear-handed Aquaman from the ’90s, but I don’t know how scary that is. So, let’s change that to a crab/claw hand, or a whole arm if you’re crafty! Add some barnacles and such to the face and you are Aquaman infected by some ocean disease! Does this look infected?

Red Power Ranger

Again, I refuse to believe this is $49. This is basically green man from It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia with a Power Rangers theme. Let me tell you, it looks creepy enough without adding anything, but if we must, here we go! You are going to want to buy some kind of weapon or something, and something that looks like it is from the stone age. Loincloth, or something of that nature. Then a fake dinosaur head, blood dripping. You are a Power Ranger stuck in time, killed a dinosaur. I don’t know, I am really reaching on this one, but you get it. Red Ranger, dinosaurs, so on and so forth!

Captain America

superhero costumes spookified
Cap Wolf. Wait, what? Arooooo!

Thank god! So, quick insider info: the whole reason I started this was to write THIS, and I wasn’t smart enough to look at the list of costumes beforehand to see if Cap was on it. I was getting a little scared when the Red Ranger showed up. But oh, boy, we are having fun with this one.

We are going comic book accurate and scary! Captain America fans will know right away where I am going with this! First, you are going to want to buy some werewolf claws for the hands; then, a sweet werewolf mask! Or face paint and fake teeth to save $ (you are going to want to; this costume cost $368—dang, Men’s Health). Yes, my friend, you are going to be Cap Wolf in all his glory! And, for heaven’s sake, this costume doesn’t come with a shield! Over $300 and they leave out the most iconic part! Sorry, you are going to have to shell out a little more for the full effect. But really, you can’t pass up on Cap Wolf. I should really end on this high note!

The Flash

Well, Cap Wolf is done and I still have nine more of these! What have I gotten myself into? Okay, this is your pretty standard Flash costume. Few things you could do here. You can go The Boys route and put a bunch of blood and guts on you running through some poor pedestrian. Quick zombie make up would also be effective as well. You could also do a stitched-up type mouth and have a play on the character Zoom that would be pretty creepy!

Mr. Incredible

Okay, you are testing my patience, Men’s Health, but I am going to power through this. Mr. Incredible is the farthest from scary and nothing really jumps out to make him so. But let’s get creative. Let’s go Jack Nicholson in The Shining, get yourself an axe act a little crazy. Maybe add a little ice makeup as Frozone tried to stop you from murdering your family. Oh, man, that got dark quick!

The Hulk

Okay, nobody is paying $54 for this costume! Okay, you are going to want to spice this up a lot, because that’s a sad-looking costume. We are going with Planet Hulk/World War Hulk look, or for non-comic book fans Thor: Ragnorak Hulk look. Lots of gladiator stuff that should be easy to find anywhere. Weapons, armor, whatever tickles your fancy. To add the scary details, again, add lots of blood and guts. Hulk literally smash!

Doctor Strange

superhero costumes spookified
Doctor Strange in the Dark Dimension

My gosh, this costume, how are you going to have a Doctor Strange costume without the cape and giant collar? This just isn’t right. First, rectify that situation right away or no one is going to know who you are. Second, pretty easy fix here: add little makeup and you are Doctor Strange drawing power from the Dark Dimension!


All right, Ollie from the CW show. We got a hood to work with here, so we can use that to our advantage, and you can get creative and simple. Just grab a super creepy monster mask, or if you have good face painting skills, go that route. Keep your head slightly tilted so people can’t see your face and then pop your head up, revealing a truly scary face! You will get a great surprise scare! Bonus points if you yell “you have failed this city!” while scaring the person.


With three left, Men’s Health isn’t throwing me any bones here. So we are going to need props for the one. First stuffed raccoon, blood all over it, maybe even get a stick and run through it. You are going to have some acting skills. Hysterically crying about Groot and Rocket getting into a fight with a tragic end. Sorry, that’s all I got!


Are you serious? Zorro?! Has anybody even thought about Zorro in the past 10 years? Okay, you got the big hat, find some kind of brain prop, put under the hat. When you tip your hat to people reveal the exposed brain! I don’t know? Seriously, freaking Zorro?! What am I supposed to do with Zorro?


superhero costumes spookified
Evil Robins

Okay, I am going easy and current comic book-y with this Robin. Again, use the Batman Who Laughs design and add some makeup to be the creepy Robins from the series. Like legit those things are crazy creepy-looking. Or if you want to be super simple just get a prop crowbar stuck into your head with blood coming out it! That is simple enough and effective. Plus, with this being the Cartoon Teen Titans Robin costume, it will have an extra creepy vibe, though not comic book accurate, but nobody will care.

Avengers: Endgame Costume

And we end with the most random thing ever. I thought Zorro was bad? It is not even a specific hero, it is just the time travel costume from the movie! Seriously, what am I supposed to do with this? Like, this is how you are going to have me end the list, Men’s Health? With this whimper? Okay, so let’s spookify this. Maybe classic arrow through the head, Hawkeye missed or lost his family again? You literally could have picked anything besides this and it would have been better! Buy a Ghost Rider mask and you are Ghost Rider in Avengers: Endgame!

Happy Halloween

Okay we made it, I have helped you spookify the top 25 superhero costumes of 2019 as listed by Men’s Health. In hindsight, 25 was a lot and I should have looked at this list before starting, but hey, we got some good stuff, right? Yeah, we did! I would like to thank Men’s Health for making this list and picking some truly terrible costumes. If you got better ideas then hit us up in the comments about how you would make these costumes scarier! Until next time, Happy Haunting!

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