How To Tell If You Are Addicted To Gaming Or Gambling


The rise of gaming and online gambling has been increasing over the past few years. For quite a lot of people, these games are an inescapable and exciting part of their daily lives, becoming costly. Doing so, you don’t have to just play a game but you can access news, send messages, and conduct your own business.

Gaming addiction
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However, there are dangers that come with playing video games and gambling obsessively when money is on the line. Later on, it can enable and produce a lot of unhealthy habits. These habits can vary from mental and emotional problems to run-ins with the law. In most scenarios, you will be left losing more money than you win. Which can spiral into a whole world of financial difficulty and sometimes even crime – ‘is return fraud a crime in California?. It is. And the rate that this is happening is increasing daily.

The idea of gaming addiction is something you might find amusing but it is very real. The Coronavirus outbreak and the stay at home mandate have allowed others to delve deeper into this addiction. There is a lot of information online that provides further background on whether you are a ‘gaming addict’ or simply just bored at home. The first thing to notice is how you feel when you can’t play. You’ll most likely feel angry and frustrated. In addition, you’ll repeatedly think about your previous sessions online and how you could have played it differently.

According to Geneus Health, an estimated 72 percent of American households play video games, with an estimate of nine percent of the 3,034 participants in the study showing signs of video game addiction. While this is worrying, it also highlights how gaming can have a significant impact on someone’s personal life. Return fraud is a big issue in gaming, especially in California and other areas. A few years ago, Michigan State was investigating a claim made my three different cities that scammers were resealing video game boxes in order to make them look new and were vomiting on the receipt in order to get away with the scam in question. These scammers tricked Walmart into refunding over $500 for “new games”.

Even though playing video games can arguably be beneficial for a short amount of time. For easing mental health and anxiety, there are many further risks it can bring. Most of the time, parents don’t realize how long their child spends on a PlayStation or Xbox. However, it’s important for parents to be vigilant in these sorts of cases. Minors with gaming addition could possibly find that their mental health has worsened over time, or even legal issues similar to return fraud. It’s better to be safe and careful than potentially risking your health and future.

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