A Huge Dungeons & Dragons Theory Confirmed in the (Unfinished) Finale

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The Intended Finale for Dungeons & Dragons Would Have Confirmed a Major Fan Theory

Dungeons & Dragons is beloved by the fandom, both as the RPG and any other medium it takes. That includes the animated series from CBS. The series went unfinished, but now a fan theory has been confirmed, thanks to the intended finale.

Dungeons & Dragons

Dungeons & Dragons The Complete Animated SeriesThe Dungeons & Dragons animated series ran from 1983 to 1985, and it was actually a relatively huge hit at the time. That might be surprising for some fans, especially those younger than the series itself.

Unfortunately, the animated series went the way of many beloved series that ended far too soon. That is to say, it was canceled, and it was never even given the chance to air the final episodes of the series itself. Talk about a major heartbreak. Thus, the series never got the sendoff it wanted, and the fans never really got a proper chance to say goodbye.

The series itself revolved around six teenagers, all of whom magically got transported into a fantasy realm. Sound familiar? There’s even a Dungeon Master, as well as an iconic antagonist (how could there not be?).


Here’s the good news: the script for those final episodes still exists. That includes the intended finale itself, “Requiem”. Better yet, it even has a radio play-style recording for fans to dive into.

As you might imagine, this being the intended finale, it provides so much to the fans. A sense of closure, for one thing. Also, a massive amount of satisfaction, as one major fan theory has been proven to be true.

The Theory

Eagle-eyed fans had long noticed some…concerns about the series’ main antagonist, Venger. More accurately, their concerns revolved around his connection to another character, the Dungeon Master himself.

Fans knew that Venger was humanoid and that he hadn’t always been evil. Likewise, they knew that he had family within this world. Okay, the fact that the Dungeon Master also called Venger “son” at one point didn’t hurt the theory, either.

You see where this is leading, yes? Fans were of the belief that Venger was the son of the Dungeon Master himself, and they had plenty of reasons for feeling that way. Now, after all of these years, that theory has proven true.

As it turns out, the series was always meant to conclude on a happy note. The villain that had troubled these teens for so long was to get a chance at redemption. It would have been a moving scene to see, and is surely worth listening to, especially for all those fans that grew up with the series.

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