Hugh Jackman and Patrick Stewart Record Holders


Hugh Jackman & Patrick Stewart Guinness World Record Holders

Though Jackman is done with Wolverine and Patrick Stewart has also said he is done with the character of  Professor X, that doesn’t mean we can’t celebrate them. The Guinness Book of World Records created a new category, “record for longest career as a live-action Marvel superhero,” which will be shared by the two superheroes.

X-Men Forever

Sir Patrick Stewart (top) and Hugh Jackman in their X-Men roles
Sir Patrick Stewart (top) and Hugh Jackman in their X-Men roles has the full breakdown of the award and careers. Both actors first appeared as their respective characters in the year 2000 movie X-Men. To show my age: I remember reading about the original X-Men movie in Wizard Magazine (hey kids, remember Wizard? or magazines?). They last appeared together, and as Wolverine and Professor X, in the 2017 movie Logan. It has been a long and storied career for the two actors together throughout the years.

For right now, some of the original Avengers may catch up to them—if they live through Endgame. Downey has 10 years under his belt and Chris Evans, Hemsworth and others are not far behind him. But Jackman and Stewart have a substantial lead on them totaling “16 years and 228 days”. They both may be done with their respective characters but, you know, there is always a chance. Stewart is returning as Captain Picard in an upcoming show based on the character. So, he could also plausibly return as Professor X at some time in the future. Disney may want him to return when they start producing X-Men movies. Speaking of Disney’s mutant rights: Disney is getting the rights to the X-Men, so it is never 100% that Jackman won’t “snikt!” his claws once again either.


“The mouse” has deep pockets that can change people’s minds pretty quickly! So, it is never truly off the table for either of these actors to return at some point in time in the future. Do you think any actor will top Jackman and Stewart’s record? Do you think any actors on the DC side of things have a chance to become a record holder? Let us know in the comments.

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