Limited Edition Hylian Shield Nintendo 2DS XL GameStop Exclusive

The Hylian Shield Edition – A GameStop Exclusive

GameStop is taking another aim at the market with their exclusive Hylian Shield 2DS XL. The handheld console will be available July 2 for $159.99. The Nintendo 2DS XL has most of the features of its larger predecessor, such as Amiibo support. However, with the downsizing comes a loss of the stereoscopic display. The Hylian Shield looks gorgeous and the colors really shine with the glossy 2DS paint we are all used to. Truly, a must-have for any Legend of Zelda fan, young or old.

Hylian Shield Nintendo 2DS XL
Hylian Shield Nintendo 2DS XL

The Hylian Shield Edition will come standard with The Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds ready to boot up right out of the box. With the commercial success of the newest Zelda game, this seems like a perfect time to capitalize on the already successful platform. Especially with the fate of the 3DS and 2DS unknown. It is likely that we will see further support for the system at this year’s E3 conference. Any further support will strengthen the sales of the limited edition, making this release a strong move for GameStop.

Both of the portable platforms are riding the sales wake of the newly released Nintendo Switch. Even though Nintendo has sold record numbers of units with their DS line of handheld devices, that trend won’t continue forever. The only question now will be if the major first party support of these platforms will continue. Surely, that question will be answered in the coming days at the E3 conference. I speculate that much of the new first-party content coming to the Switch will also feature spin-off titles that will be supported by the DS. With the staggering number of DS units sold, it wouldn’t make sense for Nintendo to discontinue first-party DS support. Hopefully, we won’t see the device suffer the same fate as the PS Vita.  

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