IDW Bringing Airwolf to Comics

Credit: IDW Publishing and Lion Forge

Airwolf, a popular TV series from the 80’s in the vein of Knight Rider and The A-Team, is being brought back by IDW publishing and Lion Forge comics as an anthology series, Airwolf Airstrikes, set for release on September 3rd, continuing this partnership’s history in taking on popular 1980s TV series.

Airwolf is most easily described as “The A-team in a helicopter.”  It follows a group of military agents caught in the middle of the Cold War espionage. Unlike most other series at the time, there was a very strong underlying tension with the government in the story, where “The Firm,” the division of the CIA that they worked for, was as likely to be enemy as the ally. This darker undercurrent informs a lot of the modern take, as that tension between the people and the government has never gone away, and only increased in recent times.

As an anthology, the series currently has a number of different creators attached. On the writing side, there is Marc Andreyko, Mike Baron, Marc Bernardin, Adam Freeman, Barbara Randall Kesel, Jeff Mariotte, and Bob Worley, and on the artist side, Renato Arlem, Jean Froes, Jason Johnson, and Fabiano Neves. Each creator is behind a different story in the universe, very similar to the format of the second and third seasons of the show, after dropping its serialized format for more episodic. Being in comic form will also allow it to avoid the problems the show ran into in its fourth season, when budget cuts kept them from using the existing cast, or even the helicopter, which was as central to the show as the characters.

Credit: IDW Publishing and Lion Forge

Also mentioned is a crossover with the Knight Rider series currently going at IDW. When asked about it, editor Shannon Eric Denton said, “The end of this trade paperback sets the stage for this legendary meet-up between these two amazing franchises. Look for that in 2016 from Lion Forge and IDW Publishing!” Given that the overlap in fans of the two series extends to some of the creators involved in this anthology, this looks to be a huge event like suggested there, and should be a great moment in comics for fans of 1980s TV.

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