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IDW Introduces Cutter!

2012-DD-CUTTER_01_02sAttention all Dungeons & Dragons fans!

When the battle-hardened Drow renegade Tos’un must choose an heir to his legacy, his half-Drow son Tierflin and daughter Doum’weille become locked in vicious competition. But what will the prize, the bloodthirsty sword Khazid’hea, have to say on the matter?

Just when the powerhouse that is IDW could not get any better at what it does, it revealed that it is set to introduce a new installment to their Dungeons and Dragons series.


This April, DUNGEONS & DRAGONS: CUTTER, a five-issue miniseries written by R.A. and Geno Salvatore with art by David Baldeon and covers by Steve Ellis, weaves the tale of a family fiercely divided and at odds with itself, with a legendary sword hanging in the balance!

As if the mere fact that the series is D&D oriented doesn’t make the future miniseries awesome enough, the fact that IDW is engaging the talents of none other than heavy hitter R.A. Salvatore to head the penning of this saga makes it a surefire win.

“These comic series have become a wonderful tool for me to fill in the blanks and to crystallize my thoughts on the Legend of Drizzt novels going forward,” explains R.A. Salvatore. “The fallout from the twisting events in Neverwinter Tales not only came into play in the last couple of Drizzt books, but allowed me a strong plot line for an upcoming novel I’ve yet to pen. The same is true for Cutter – I see it already. So while these comic stories are self-contained, they open up to the wider stories going forward.”

Now I don’t know about all of you, but the fact that this miniseries is serving as a jumping point for Salvatore’s newest book serves is a big motivator for me. Don’t misunderstand me, when it comes to R.A. Salvatore, I’m still quite a noob. However, what I have read, I’ve enjoyed greatly and I keep wishing for the opportunity to not only add more of his works to my collection but actually read them (not an easy feat when dealing with a 7 month old baby). All of that aside though (babies, noobiness, etc), the fact that R.A. Salvatore is a master at his craft and a big name in the fantasy genre speaks for itself.

Have you hugged your nerd today?

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